In case you missed it! UPSC CSE 2023: How to Begin Preparation From Scratch || Access recorded Webinar by Parth sir here

In case you missed this amazing session by Parth sir on starting preparation from scratch for UPSC 2023, you can still watch it.

Just register and we’ll email you the link to the recorded session.

Webinar Details

Don’t miss the chance to get value addition inputs to score better in the examination! This webinar is absolutely free. All aspirants are welcome to attend.

What will you Learn in This Free Live Webinar by Parth Sir?

1. The significance of PYQs and an examination of toppers’ copies for your own preparation.

2. Breaking myths: The syllabus, not the books, must be completed.

3. What are the best book to refer? Based on a last 10-year UPSC-CSE paper analysis.

4. Recognize the UPSC requirement. What kinds of test series are useful? Which mock test series should be avoided?

5. Complete UPSC-CSE Preparation Timeline for a Working Professional

6. The skill of taking notes. What topics necessitate notes and which do not?

7. Working hard in the right direction vs. working hard in the wrong direction: Is it possible to be successful solely by studying hard?

8. There are only two consolidated sources for current events. What exactly are they?

9. Revision techniques that are common, standard, and used frequently. What exactly are they?

About Parth Sir

Our Civilsdaily Mentor, Mr Parth has been mentoring students since 2017. He has an admirable experience of attending UPSC-CSE interview two times. Parth sir has always scored 400+ in all the 4 GS Mains Subjects. The secret of success according to him is consistency and time-management.

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