UPSC CSE Mains 2023 results out | Download Mains Written Namewise Result PDF here | Link for Interview Guidance Program inside

We will have LIVE DAF II session by Senior IAS Officer

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The wait is over! UPSC has released the UPSC CSE Mains 2023 result. (Name-wise list below)

Our heartiest congratulations to CivilsDaily’s students and other aspirants who have cleared the second stage of UPSC CSE 2023. Almost 85% of Civilsdaily’s Mains students are appearing for UPSC Interviews 2023

Click👉 Provisions: Detailed Application Form-II (DAF-II)

It is time to start the interview preparation. DAF II will be released soon and with it, the UPSC interview date.

Register here for LIVE 1-1 session on DAF II filling on 10th December 2022 with UPSC 2022 Interview Topper, IPS Zenden

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The interview/personality test isn’t intended to be a test either of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidates which has been already tested through their written papers.

Real UPSC Interview preparation starts with filling out DAF II.

Those who have qualified for the UPSC Mains 2023 must join the Civilsdaily Interview Program. You can discuss DAF, interview topics, and other aspects with toppers, in-service officers, and senior mentors and faculties.

We will have LIVE DAF II session by IPS, Zenden (UPSC 2022, Interview Topper)

Register for Interview Guidance Program

For those who couldn’t find their name on the list, it is a time for introspection and reflection.

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

Henry Ford

Let us discuss and uncover the issues that you are facing in your preparation, uncover those critical gaps and find ways to improve.

UPSC Mains 2023 was unlike the last few years’ Mains. With very few questions focussing on the conceptual-analytical aspect, it was factual and high on GS static topics. It might seem easy but to contain the answer within 2-3 pages was a tough task in the exam hall. UPSC seemingly moved backward to the late 90s Mains era when such static topic-based questions were asked predominantly.

For Mains 2023 aspirants, Sajal sir’s suggestion would be to focus on value addition on GS topics rather than content addition; practice intensively Mains Previous Year questions; bring creativity & innovation in your answers because even though questions are easy but answers needn’t be simple; collecting and using case studies, examples, etc. to make your answers stand apart.

Fill out the Samanvaya form below and get on a 1-to-1 call with senior IAS faculty and mentors. We will discuss preparation issues like the timetable, strategy, planning, sources, etc, and get them resolved.


I want to understand my UPSC preparation gaps

Rules for DAF II

All the candidates, who qualified for the Personality Tests (Interviews), are required to fill and submit their Detailed Application Form-II (DAF-II) mandatorily. Regarding this, the following provisions have been made in the Civil Services Examination, 2023 Rules:

“14(1) Before the commencement of Interview/Personality Test of the Examination, a candidate shall be required to mandatorily indicate the order of preferences only for those Services which are participating in the Civil Services Examination-2023 and for which the candidate is interested to be allocated to in case of eventual selection, in the on-line Detailed Application Form-II (DAF-II). OBC Annexure (for OBC category only) and EWS Annexure (for EWS category only) are required to be mandatorily submitted. Any delay in the submission of the DAF-II or documents in support beyond the prescribed date will not be allowed and will lead to the cancellation of the candidature for the CSE-2023. A candidate may also upload additional documents/certificates of higher education, achievements in different fields, service experience, etc. 

(2) In case of recommendation of candidature by UPSC for Service Allocation, the candidate shall be considered by the Government for allocation to one of those Services for which the preference has been indicated by the candidate in the online Detailed Application Form-II subject to fulfillment of other conditions. No change in preferences for Services once submitted by a candidate would be permitted. In case preference for none of the Services is indicated, the candidate will not be considered for Service Allocation.

(3) A candidate who wishes to be considered for Indian Administrative Service or Indian Police Service shall be required to indicate in the online Detailed Application Form-II the order of preferences for various Zones and Cadres for which the candidate would like to be considered for allotment in case of appointment to the IAS or IPS. No change in preference of Zones and Cadres once submitted by a candidate would be permitted. 

Note-I: The candidates are advised to indicate preferences for various services or posts very carefully. Attention is also invited to Rule 21 (1) in this connection. 

Note-II: The candidates are advised to periodically visit DoPT‘s website or for information or details about Service Allocation, Cadre allotment, etc. 

Note-III: As per the extant Cadre Allocation Policy applicable for the Civil Services Examination-2023, the candidates who wish to indicate IAS/IPS as their Service preference are advised to indicate all the Zones and Cadres in the order of preference in their online Detailed Application Form-II.”

We will have LIVE DAF II session by Senior IAS Officer

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