Registrations Closing Today, Webinar @ 6PM ||UPSC-CSE New Year Resolution|| Jan to Jun UPSC-CSE Prelims Calendar & How to Choose the Right Optional for Mains?|| Free Live Webinar with Civilsdaily Mentor Ranadheer Ravula

2021 surely sped by quickly for UPSC aspirants and now there’s only two more days left to welcome the new year. Every new year brings us new hopes, and every UPSC aspirant wishes that that they clear the exam that very year.

If you are appearing for UPSC-CSE 2022 exams, you might have completed your entire prelims and mains syllabus right now. So what are you going to be doing January onwards? How are you going to switch to a prelims focused approach till June?

Are you feeling low that you are unable to get the required cut-off marks in your test series. Worry not, for about 65% of the UPSC toppers have said that they scored below cut-off marks till December. But by June, they were able to boost their marks to get through the prelims hurdle. How did they do this?

Free Open to All Webinar by Civilsdaily Mentor Ranadheer Ravula

Our Civilsdaily mentor, Ranadheer sir will be providing a fool proof time-table on how to devote your time for the upcoming prelims exams from January onwards. This will include a month-by-month outlook as well.

Preparing ahead will help you stay focused, determined and consistent in your UPSC preparation as opposed to deciding impulsively. It takes a lot of efforts to plan the right schedule for the upcoming prelims exams. Sometimes, you will be second guessing and wondering what others are upto. Ranadheer sir will use his expertise to break down your preparation into phases.

Additionally he will speak about the 6 ways to find the right optional for you. The right optional is always subjective, however the process of finding out an optional that’s easy to understand (for you) and is a scoring subject (by UPSC standards) is objective.

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Key Takeaways of Free Live Webinar with Ranadheer Sir

1. How to revise 2 years of Prelims Current Affairs in the last 6 months?

2. How to go a day without studying yet take frequent breaks in a day?

3. Is it advisable to increase the number of study hours as the exam nears?

4. How to speed read all the books once again?

5. How many test series should one take before exams?

6. What are the 6 things to keep in mind before choosing an Optional that can change your fortunes?

7. What are the additional sources and books that can help you score above cut-off marks?

Webinar Details

Don’t miss the chance to get value addition inputs to score better in the examination! This webinar is absolutely free. All aspirants are welcome to attend.

Date – 31 December 2021 (Friday)

Time – 6:00 P.M.

Limited slots are available. Please register immediately.

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