(LIVE Now) Masterclass webinar by Purnima ma’am – Integrated UPSC Current Affairs strategy for Prelims and Mains 2023: Align your current affairs with GS static| Ace UPSC in just One Attempt

10th October, 7:30 PM | Book your slot now!

Current Affairs for UPSC is such a necessary evil that terrifies many aspirants for good reason. Aspirants feel that there is no single source to help them navigate this section & it all feels like one big haze. In such, confusion 90% of aspirants start to plan their own and start a separate current affairs preparation/strategy for UPSC Prelims and Mains. But current affairs is not a subject that we can filter out for objective types and for descriptive types separately. 

They should be dealt with in an integrated manner rather than in a silos approach (covering CA for prelims and mains separately).

Following an integrated approach is an important UPSC skill that is lacking in many relatively fresher/beginner aspirants, and even veteran aspirants. Covering current affairs in such a balanced manner makes preparation effective, outcome-oriented, and simple.

Purnima ma’am will be taking up a special Masterclass to help you impart this skill and teach how to cover current affairs in an Integrated manner for UPSC 2023.

You will get an opportunity to talk and discuss 1-1 with Purnima ma’am. Register now.

Live Masterclass details: 10th October, 7:30 pm

1. Balancing Prelims and Mains wrt Current Affairs.

Approaching Current Affairs in an Integrated manner for UPSC pre+mains. Instead of covering current affairs in a silos approach, there should be a high level of interlinking and alignment towards both stages. Else it would be a wasteful approach.

2. Balancing Dynamic-Static part.

Linking Current Affairs with the Static part of the syllabus.

UPSC expects a candidate to be well aware of the implications and impact of a particular issue, that is currently in news, on various aspects of life, the state, society, etc. For this, we need to link it with the GS subjects and topics that explain the static part.

3. Following a selective and effective approach

Reading everything under the sun is a bad approach to dealing with Current Affairs. Following a selective and effective approach to cover CA is essential for success in UPSC in just one attempt.

4. Making notes, collecting info like case studies, examples, etc.

You have to cover a lot of things in Current Affairs for UPSC over the course of around 1 year. Organizing the information, facts, and data to be used in answers and solving MCQs or revision is a crucial skill one must have. We’ll discuss this in the masterclass.

5. Writing Daily mains answers and attempting prelims MCQs. (Best resources for this)

Reading and Organising current affairs is not of any use until and unless you know how to use that fodder. Thus writing daily mains answers based on current affairs and solving MCQs is really important. We will also discuss the best resources, freely available, in this masterclass.

6. LIVE doubt resolution and interaction with Purnima ma’am

A 1-to-1 Q&A session will follow the masterclass because you have questions and doubts that need resolution on a personal level. List down all your questions. We will tackle them in the masterclass/webinar

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