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For those who missed the amazing session by Zeeshan Hashmi sir on Brainstorming and rough work for UPSC Essay. Get the recording of the session and a super important webinar PDF.

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The Webinar was a great success and many important points were discussed

Writing a good essay in the UPSC mains exam is a skill that must be perfected with practice. And before that one must know the nuances of the skill. There is a process to a great essay.

A great UPSC essay starts with brainstormed random ideas, disjointed facts…chaos, formulated into a ‘blueprint’. That’s the first step before you actually start writing it.

The moment you zero in on the topic from a particular section, you start thinking about various points, facts, concepts, quotes, etc. to be put into that essay. The first few minutes before you start your essay become chaotic.

The process to brainstorm and make a blueprint through rough work will channel that chaos into something beautiful, a 150+ scorer essay.

Develop a method to ‘brainstorming madness’ with Zeeshan Hashmi

Webinar details: Following points and themes will be touched upon and discussed.

Session concluded yesterday.

The zoom link will be emailed to you.

What you will get post-webinar?

  1. Best practices PDF by Zeeshan
  2. Two FREE UPSC essay tests
  3. Access to CivilsDaily Mains Bootcamp telegram group

Example Topic: Life must be understood backwards but it must be lived forward.

Students find it difficult to pen down relevant points/ideas. But when provided with templates, they find it relatively easy to think of new points/ideas.

Zeeshan sir will share such templates and help you make one in the webinar.

Example: PESTEL is a commonly known template.

‘L’ Stands for legal. Taking an example, Section 377 of IPC (Homosexuality), it imposes Victorian morality on Contemporary India. The Supreme Court of India has partially struck it down in consonance with the need of the time. Thus Indian Judiciary has kept the legacy of the law alive by not completely striking it down but suitably modifying it to meet the changing needs of the time.

Note:- Above elaboration is ‘Analytical’ in nature and not just factual. The same rule needs to be followed in Essays. We pick content, dada, facts, figures, and examples that we have and link them to the main demand of the topic.

Feedback on Zeeshan sir’s mentorship by AIR 65, Pranav (from Quora:

Similarly, many dimensions/points can be drawn from the ‘economic’ component of the template.

  1. Indian Constitution describes itself to be Socialistic but India is very much a free market economy
  2. LPG Reforms gave a huge impetus to the Tertiary sector
  3. Economic Planning has been reduced to an indicative exercise through the setting up of the NITI Ayog.

Similarly, Zeeshan sir will discuss and share a template on brainstorming.

About Zeeshan Hashmi sir

Zeeshan sir is a senior IAS mentor at CivilsDaily and he has been mentoring UPSC aspirants and now rankers for more than 6 years now. He has an experience with 5 UPSC interviews (including IFoS). He will be taking up your questions in the webinar and would be connecting with you in the Telegram group as well.

AIR 117, Nisha was Zeeshan sir’s student

Zeeshan sir will be taking a LIVE webinar on coming Thursday. Through a LIVE Essay writing session, he will be teaching and helping you master the skills required to make a blueprint for UPSC essay.

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