Talk to the IAS Mentors of UPSC 2021 rankers | 15 in top 50 toppers (200+ overall) are our Mentorship students

Congratulations! You didn’t wait for the opportunity, you created it!

Guys! Again that happiest moment came. We, the Civilsdaily team, stand extremely proud to announce the unbelievable achievements of our students who have made their dreams come true. Today, hard work, commitment, and dedication glorified us!  and we are extremely happy to have been a part of their journey.

We are glad to reveal that 200+ Civilsdaily students (still counting) are now top rank holders in UPSC final merit list. Our success rate has increased by 80% from last year in terms of rank holders. We, the Civilsdaily family, pride ourselves on the number of our top 100-ranked students. This is a distinctive increase in our success rate for the top 100 and overall positions since last year.

And finally, we feel indebted to our Mentors. Their tireless efforts, step-by-step guidance, experienced mentorship, round-the-clock support, and dedication to working with the students day-in and day-out helped our students become officers today. And this has led to this wonderful occasion where we celebrate the grand success of our students together!

Our heroes of today and the leaders of tomorrow!

6834409Yaksh Chaudhary
157600782C Yaswanth Kumar Reddy
281009473Mantri Mourya Bharadwaj
326605885Navandar Anay Nitin
38859480Ravi Kumar
40854740Kushal Jain
425610120Swathi Sree T
43623772Shubham Shukla
447808206Anjali Shrotriya
465604724Ramya C S
491105645Divyansh Singh
508101939Abhijit Ray
55861023Pratibha Dahiya
626206389Tirumani Sri Pooja
673535597Anand Malhotra
803532741Nikhil Mahajan
888102300Aman Agarwal
93879483Deepesh Kumari
1024904842Prakhar Chandrakar
1112402341C B Rex
1141123523Ajey Singh Rathore
116879624Shambhavi Mishra
118323091Melvyn Varghese
1201134168Tanushree Meena
133835604Kishlay Kushwaha
1361041582Arugula Sneha
1415206982Praveen Singh Charan
1503539134Navdeep Aggarwal
1536005052Divyansh Shukla
1727809990Simran Bhardwaj
2047810159Arjit Mahajan
205708531Durga Prasad Adhikary
2133902598Manoj Ramanath Hegde
2164905606Divyanjali Jaiswal
2307814854Tanmay Kale
2356210633Aswin Mani Deep Kakumanu
2676629429Mandhare Soham Sunil
284838018Priya Rani
295503767Rohan Kadam
308314783Aruna M
3256607403Kajale Vaibhav
337854608Akash Joshi
381885161Manoj Kumar Yadav
3951300555Sisle Swapnil Mahadeo
3986629554Mhetre Sayali Narayan
4041106762Ramkrishna Saran
405823411Manjeet Kumar
408511438Mahajan Harshal Rajesh
411840702Amit Anand
415859706Sulochana Meena
4461145452Manish Agrawal
483847161Singh Prabhat Gyanendra
4871522756Rakesh Kumar Singh
4994118984Mukesh Kumar Gupta
516324774Mohammed Siddiq Shariff
573879324Rekha Meena
576803598Ravindra Kumar Meena
6266708120Golapkar Ashwin Rajan
6295920417Abhishek Vyas
6442600288Sparsh Verma
we are still listing down our rankers..

We wish our successful students all the very best in their journey ahead while our mentors gear up to help the next batch of aspirants succeed with the same focused guidance that brought us such a grand success!

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch