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As we have reached the second half of the UPSC interviews, transcripts are coming from all sides, which, this year too have proven the efficacy of Civilsdaily’s novel approach to Interview preparation. All our students who have appeared in the interview so far, have expressed deep thanks and satisfaction for the guidance they received owing to which they performed well.

The need of the hour is to adapt in such a way that you are well prepared to tackle the unpredictability of UPSC and Civilsdaily is your launchpad to success.

Continuing with our tradition of constant up-gradation and innovation, our Mock Interviews have evolved to reflect the nuances and changing shades of UPSC. Our evidence-based questioning and innovative methodology, for example, the incorporation of rapid-fire round to unearth deep-seated & hidden biases, situational questions and case studies to reveal personality traits like leadership, emotional stability, critical power of assimilation, etc. has been a great success. 

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Another innovation by Civilsdaily – DAF questionnaire

DAF contains a lot of information about the candidates, including the places one has been to, their educational background, work experience, and their personality through achievement, sports, and hobbies among other things.

UPSC Interview candidates must prepare for all the information provided in the DAF, making it the base of their preparation. The things mentioned in DAF, have in one way or the other, shaped their personality, attitude, beliefs and values. Based on the interview, the UPSC panel judges their suitability for the services.

DAF questionnaire is prepared after extensive research and discussion with the candidate by the experienced faculty at Civilsdaily. An effort is made to link the information provided in the DAF with the current and controversial issues of national and international importance. All the necessary dimensions are touched by the questions so as to ensure that the student is fully prepared from the DAF , to ensure that no topic on their DAF has been left untouched.

 Sample DAF questionnaire 1

Sample DAF questionnaire 2


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