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Transcend 2020: IGP

Click here to get your DAF based questionnaire

Detailed Application Form (DAF) is one of the most important documents that you might have filled for UPSC interviews. A major part of the interview will revolve around the information and details provided in the DAF. It is more than your CV.

Your ability to defend your DAF before the panel is going to decide your success. Anticipating and preparing for the questions based on your DAF is an essential part of the interview preparation.

As a part of Transcend: Interview Guidance Program for UPSC interviews we provide you a personalized and elaborate DAF-based questionnaire.

About DAF based questionnaire:

Well researched and relevant questions compiled by an experienced and dedicated team at Civilsdaily. Interlinking of questions to burning issues of national and international importance. We make sure that no area of the DAF has been left untouched.

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This DAF-based questionnaire is an important tool which if used properly in your preparation may allow you to steer your interview in a particular direction.

Click here to get your DAF based questionnaire

Below are some of the pictures and sample of the questions that you are going to get.

Questions based on Graduation subject

Questions based on Date of birth

Questions based on optional subject

Questions based on Hobbies

Click here to get your DAF based questionnaire

About Transcend Interview Guidance Program 2020

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Transcend is our flagship Interview Guidance Program for UPSC CSE 2020.

Program inclusion

  1. Mock interview and detailed analysis + feedback
  2. Most important issues coverage – current and structural
  3. DAF 2 curation
  4. Personalized mentorship
  5. DAF analysis and one-on-one sessions with mentors
  6. DAF based personalized questionnaire
  7. Transcend Habitat group membership

How to enroll?

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