How did Arth Jain (AIR 16, IAS) respond to an interview question he didn’t know the answer to?| Schedule your Mock (Limited seats)

Book your slot for UPSC Mock interviews (paneled by ex UPSC members) and get a dedicated mentor, on-call DAF analysis, DAF-based personalized questionnaire, and Situational questionnaire (FREE)

You are bound to get such bouncers of questions from UPSC panelists in the interview. Tackling them is both a matter of skill and practice. Should you attempt to answer such questions or respectfully accept your ignorance? Discuss 1-1 with our CD panelists and mentors.

Moreover, we will prepare a personalized DAF-based questionnaire to keep you prepared for such questions.

As a part of Transcend Interview Guidance Program for UPSC 2021 we’ve also prepared and compiled a high-quality comprehensive questionnaire.

upsc mock interview 2021

Upcoming Mock interview and session

This week’s mock interview dates have been fixed.

  • Mock interview this week 14th April onwards – (Book your slot)   
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.  
  • Mode: Online/Offline 

Do You Know That Civilsdaily Has a 75% Success Rate In UPSC Interview?

Interview slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Panelists for Mock Interviews: 

  1. Shri Shankar Aggarwal, IAS (retd.), former Secretary
  2. Dr. Noor Mohammad, IAS (retd.), former EC
  3. Dr. P.K. Agrawal, IAS (Retd.), former Ch. Secy
  4. Shri T. N. Thakur, IAAS (retd.), former Dy CAG
  5. Shri V. P. Singh, IRPS
  6. Mrs.Aditi Gupta, Corporate Leadership Specialist
  7. Prof. U.M. Amin, Jamia Milia University
  8. Mr. S. D. Singh, IFoS (Retd.)
  9. Mr. Kunal Aggarwal, IRS
  10. Mr. Debraj Das, IPS

Tentative: Shri Harsh V. Pant (Observer Research Foundation), Shri SN Tripathi, IAS (Director IIPA), Shri Yogesh Narain (Retd. Defence Secretary), Shri Dipankar Gupta (Indian Sociologist), and others.

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Transcend Interview Guidance 2021: Program inclusion

  1. Mock interview and detailed analysis + feedback
  2. Most important issues coverage – current and structural
  3. DAF 2 curation
  4. Personalized mentorship
  5. DAF analysis and one-on-one sessions with mentors
  6. DAF based personalized questionnaire
  7. Situational and Roleplay questionnaire

Do You Know That Civilsdaily Has a 75% Success Rate In UPSC Interview?

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch