(Imp) UPSC Interviews 2021 | As an interviewer will you recommend MK Gandhi for IAS?|Get your role play and situational questionnaire| Book your mock

upsc mock interview 2021
Book your slot for UPSC Mock interviews (paneled by ex UPSC members) and get a dedicated mentor, on-call DAF analysis, DAF-based personalized questionnaire, and Situational questionnaire (FREE)

UPSC Interviews for 2021 have begun and you will be facing much dreaded ‘Role play and Situational questions’ by the panel.

While you know well that administration does not run on the whims and fancies of any individual administrator but is based on the authority vested in that post as per written schedules of power, there are other things you need to consider while answering these questions.

Register and get your questionnaire

As a part of Transcend Interview Guidance Program for UPSC 2021 we’ve prepared and compiled a high-quality comprehensive questionnaire. Register and Get it here

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Transcend Interview Guidance 2021: Program inclusion

  1. Mock interview and detailed analysis + feedback
  2. Most important issues coverage – current and structural
  3. DAF 2 curation
  4. Personalized mentorship
  5. DAF analysis and one-on-one sessions with mentors
  6. DAF based personalized questionnaire
  7. Situational and Roleplay questionnaire

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