Couldn’t clear UPSC Mains 2022? This is for you| Get Sajal sir’s personal guidance| Your decision today determines your success after 1 year

(Sajal sir will personally guide you under Smash Mains 2023 program. Click here to know more.)

UPSC Mains 2022 results were announced a couple of days back. Many cleared the exam but today I am not going to talk about them. This is for those who couldn’t.

Almost 90% of the UPSC Toppers I have trained to LBSNAA have failed in one or the other stages of UPSC. The real difference between a UPSC topper and one who will never clear UPSC IAS is how they see failure and how they respond to it.

Failing the UPSC mains exam can be a difficult and disappointing experience. However, it is important to remember that failure is not the end.  You need to accept that there are going to be failures in the journey, we’ll screw up royally sometimes, but understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, but a part of success, is essential.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What to do now?

Keeping it simple there are 6 things that you must do.

Acknowledge and accept failure as a natural part of the learning process.

Introspection and Retrospection: Either on your own or through your mentor’s help reflect on the reasons for the failure.

Setting realistic goals and a study plan for the next attempt.

Seek support and guidance: Reach out to friends, seniors, or a mentor who can provide valuable advice to help you overcome failure and make improvements. (We are here for you always- click to schedule a call)

Stay positive and focused: This is important to stay motivated and avoid getting overwhelmed by failure.

Execute: Get back to the grind asap. UPSC Prelims 2023 is just 24 weeks away and you know you won’t be getting much time for Mains preparation.

How I will help you personally on a 1-to-1 basis?

A few years back I started personally guiding a small group of students who were very close to UPSC success but they were unable to do so. The first batch produced many rankers and so developed our Smash Mains program out of that.

Smash Mains 2023 with me (Click and fill the form for a detailed call)

Smash Mains is a highly personalized and intensive handholding program for the crème-de-la-crème (veterans) amongst UPSC aspirants (the intake is 50 students – my bandwidth allows this much only).

Even The Hindu acknowledged the success and efficacy of Smash Mains program

The result of Smash Mains 2021 was both shocking and humbling. More than 85% of the students I mentored cleared UPSC 2021, many with a double-digit rank like Mantri Mourya, AIR 28; Anay, AIR 32; Divyansh, AIR 49; and many more.

My student Mantri Mourya, AIR 28 UPSC 2021 was a Smash Mains student

Even in UPSC Mains 2022, almost 85% of students are appearing for UPSC Interviews 2022.

Some of whatsapp messages after UPSC Mains 2022 result

Smash Mains 2023 with me

Anay was also a student under Smash Mains program

Note: The Entry is Restricted to those who have given mains in the past 2 years and have failed to score high marks.

It’s a three-phased program under my personalized guidance. The focus is on identifying and highlighting the issues with your preparation (information/analysis / utilization). According to your strength and weaknesses, a tailor-made strategy will be developed. And I will strict monitor your progress, aiming for incremental improvements every day.

My marks in UPSC 2017 GS Mains paper were:

  • GS Paper 1 – 132
  • GS Paper 2 – 125
  • GS Paper 3 – 130

Program inclusion:

1. One-to-One mentorship by Sajal sir.
2. Mains Test Series – 4 sectional and 12 FLTs
3. Samachar Manthan – For holistic and comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs (without answer writing)
4. Smash Prelims Crash Course
5. Prelims Full-Length Tests – To prepare you for prelims (8 FLTs and 10 Current affairs)
6. Exclusive membership to Smash Mains group in Civilsdaily’s Habitat.

The fact that you have been missing the cut-off with a small margin (repeatedly) tells that there are some fundamental issues with your approach. The answers to which you might or might not have. For bringing the change you have to work on its execution as well. (Realization is not enough). And bringing that to fruition is not possible in isolation. Now onwards, it should be a guided process under a meticulously designed plan.

It is all about redesigning the machinery which is unable to convert your knowledge and analysis into marks in Mains. And you know it – Fewer marks in mains, very low chances of seeing your name in the final list.

What makes Smash Mains unique?

Individual attention and approachability are the USPs of this program.

Not putting Penguins among the Fowls – You already know how to write an average answer (you’re missing it by a few marks actually). You want to know how to increase your score from 90 to 110-115. The approach followed by other institutes in their Test series is the same for a veteran and a complete newbie and here lies the problem. Without personalized one-to-one interaction with someone like Sajal sir (who has scored these awesome marks), it will be difficult for you to rectify these minute yet very important shortcomings.

Evaluation is a strength of this program and we put it on a high priority. I am myself involved in the process, unlike other institutes where evaluation is outsourced to those who themselves might not have appeared for mains (It’s bizarre). It shouldn’t be based on ‘model answers’ as there are 3-4 ways of approaching an answer. Only a seasoned player will be able to go beyond these model answers and be able to appreciate your approach (If it’s innovative) even if it differs from the model answers provided.

Test copies get checked in a time-bound manner. The questions, answers and material provided are of the highest quality.

Always on time and insightful discussions end with a reality check and motivation to perform better in the next test.

Emphasis on execution and utilization of knowledge – Mains is not only about knowledge but the way you express the relevant knowledge in the most optimum manner.

My interventions are highly specific and not generalized. Sitting right in front of you I will walk you through each and every question. I will not let you lose your focus.

We deliver what we promise.

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