UPSC Mains Webinar by Arvind sir: Avoid 7 Fundamental Mistakes of Repeated Mains Failed Candidates -Move from 80 to 110+ score in Every Mains Paper | 28th Dec, 6 pm

UPSC Mains answer writing and prep mistakes you should avoid

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In the last 3 years, a lot of things have changed about UPSC-CSE

Especially the ‘UPSC Main’ examination. Your answer-writing approach must evolve.

No more answer writing is about Introduction-Body-Conclusion

And if you are stuck in 80s marks range in UPSC GS Mains paper

It’s time to look at answer writing from a different perspective

You need to evolve w.r.t your Mains answer writing to go beyond 110+

Civilsdaily Masterclasses allow you to access the real work from those who have done it before

All my ranker students had their preparation system. What’s stopping you?

Never start from scratch on your UPSC mains answer writing

Start like a Topper.

Read what Arvind Agrawal sir has to say about UPSC Mains and answer writing approach

Hello UPSC aspirants, I’m Arvind Agrawal.

Having evaluated over 1500 Mains answer copies and mentored 100+ rankers including AIR 16, 22, and 48, I’ve seen firsthand how UPSC Mains has evolved.

After having evaluated hundreds of copies of Mains failed candidates I know what fundamental mistakes they commit to which must be avoided.

Staying stuck to these mistakes will keep your mains score restricted in the 80s range in UPSC GS Mains paper, and this is irrespective of your content or answer writing practice.

Join me this Thursday at 6 pm for a FREE LIVE Zoom webinar, where I’ll dissect these 5 fundamental issues with mains failed candidates and their answer writing approach that you must avoid. I will also share 10 best practices followed by UPSC IAS Toppers.

This session is crucial for anyone looking to improve their Mains score dramatically!

Attend FREE Webinar on Mains Answer Writing and Prep Strategy

In this masterclass, you will get:

  1. A 60-minute deep dive on 5 mistakes fundamental mistakes committed by Mains failed candidates and how to avoid them.
  2. Best practices my IAS topper students followed to improve their mains score from 80 to 110+ in every GS Mains papers.
  3. How to prepare content, start answer writing based on this approach?

Join Arvind sir’s FREE webinar on 28th Dec, 6:00 pm

First 100 will get Civilsdaily’s Mains Toolkit

By the end, you’ll have razor-sharp clarity and a clear roadmap for approaching and qualifying your Mains exam with ease.

Arvind Agrawal sir

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upsc prelims mains

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