UPSC PRELIMS 2022: 10 Question solving smart techniques to get 110+ score

Sajal Sir lecture on Smart question solving techniques

Knowledge alone is not enough to clear UPSC Prelims. Elimination techniques alone are not enough to crack this exam. One needs both to clear UPSC Prelims from 2014 onwards. Since UPSC Prelims is the toughest exam out of Interview and Mains with over 9.5 lakh aspirants getting disqualified, it’s always better to think about increasing 20-30 marks with your existing knowledge using elimination techniques. 

Why is that with the same syllabus, the same study materials and similar syllabus and similar study materials, most candidates score differently? For some, just a reading of the Spectrum book is enough to answer all the Modern History questions, but for others despite reading the same book they are not able to answer the questions

If it’s about prelims exam performance, then aspirants fall into either of these four categories. Which category are you in currently?

1) Prelims score 0-40: They need to work on improving their knowledge first and then learn answering tricks
2) Prelims score 50-70: They have decent knowledge and decent answering tricks.But this is not enough to clear Prelims, they need to be an above average performer. Hence, they must focus on preparing for the topics they have scored less in their mock tests. 
3) Prelims score 80-100: They have good knowledge but they need to develop answering tricks. They can do without learning elimination techniques as well, but if they wish to be on the same time learning elimination techniques will guarantee them success. 
4) Prelims score 120+: They have excellent knowledge and know all the answering tricks.

Sajal Sir lecture on Smart question solving techniques

Clearing Prelims is all about Knowledge + Answering Tricks (Tikdams).

These Techniques will be your last minute addition to prelims preparation.

Watch the video and let us know if you have any last minute query or doubt on prelims 2022.

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