(WATCH LIVE) UPSC (free) Prelims Webinar: 10 Steps Strategy to score more in less time in UPSC Prelims 2023 | Santosh sir, Asst. Commissioner, GST will share 24 week’s Micro -Macro strategy and Prelims PDF notes

Most important webinar by Prelims Guru, Santosh Sir | Get FREE Smash Prelims notes PDF, 24 weeks’ Micro-Macro masterplan, and MCQ tests.

Only 24 weeks or less than 170 days are left for UPSC Prelims 2023. Starting today only those aspirants will be able to clear the Prelims who have a well-laid-out plan, the best or most relevant resources (notes, tests, etc.), guidance, and most important of all, a will to succeed.

This is for you if:

  • You haven’t been able to clear prelims for the past 2-3 years
  • Perform well in mocks but get stuck in the 70-85 marks range in UPSC Prelims.
  • You don’t know how to approach a Prelims paper: should you go for the accuracy or maximum number of questions, should you start from questions 1 to 100, or go section-wise.
  • Don’t know the logical techniques to tackle bouncer-type completely random questions 
  • Can’t use smart and intelligent ways rather than just end up working hard without any use.

Do you know that only 0.02% of aspirants are able to go beyond 120+ consistently? Achieving this in next 165 days will need a rock solid strategy.

Santosh Gupta

Let me reiterate the facts: Of all the candidates applying for IAS Prelims 2023, only 1% of them will clear Prelims 2023 it. And only a fraction of that will go beyond 120+ marks. Santosh sir, cleared all his 6 UPSC Prelims, every time scoring 120+ marks. Even his UPSC 2022 students scored 130+ without breaking a sweat.

Santosh sir has been helping aspirants clear UPSC Prelims year after year. Here is a screenshot of his students who wrote Mains 2022.

Tavishi failed thrice in the Prelims before but after joining Santosh sir’s mentorship cleared Prelim 2022 on her 4th attempt.

Santosh sir will be taking an important webinar for UPSC 2023 aspirants.

Webinar Details: How to Smash Prelims 2023 in the next 165 days? Get a rock solid 24 week’s strategy and Prelims PDF notes

Date: 12th December 2022 (Monday)

Time: 7 pm

We will email the invitation, Zoom link, and notes.

What you’ll learn in the Webinar?

  1. How to prepare for UPSC Prelims 2023 successfully starting today? With less than 6 months in hand, how to go forward?
    • Santosh sir will share a workable and proven strategy for the next 165 days (around 24 weeks), including both micro and macro plans.
  2. A brief trend analysis of the past 5 yrs’ UPSC Prelims GS 1 paper. How to change your preparation methods right now?
  3. How to cover the massive UPSC prelims syllabus? both GS and Current Affairs
    • Most Probable Topics to Cover for Prelims 2023 for every GS subject.
    • How to cover Current Affairs? How many months of Current Affairs should be covered? From where?
  4. The 10 Steps of tackling Prelims 2023. How to maximize revision and minimize study materials?
  5. Learn time management –
    • Before the exam– Studying more and effectively in less time.
    • Inside the exam hall. Most of the time, twisted questions force you to take more time to answer. 
  6. How to filter out and attempt easy questions in the first round quickly and move on to the next with which moderate to difficult questions? will be discussed thoroughly. 
  7. Time-Tested Elimination Techniques. How to use these techniques in sample questions? only generalized preparation is not enough. You have to be ready for the worst. Besides usual ordinary questions, you have to solve more or less offbeat questions. Remember, Offbeat questions require an offbeat approach and it gets 120+ in prelims for you. So, how to apply ‘Intelligent guessing’‘the way of thinking, and ‘Core common sense.
  8. How to stay alert at the 5 worst mistakes areas, like unknown extremely factual questions, Random questions such as from sports in 2021, Questions from old current affairs, Ques. that are not directly from current affairs but inspired by current affairs, and Questions based on common sense such as questions in prelims-2021 
  9. How to avoid silly mistakes by using common sense to the plausibility of statements given. Usually, low-confident aspirants do not attempt these types of questions and overconfident ones make mistakes by overthinking.
  10. How to solve bouncer kind of questions? Around 5 questions in every paper have been asked by UPSC about which you have no idea and might have not even come across while preparing but they can make or break your chance.

About Santosh Gupta Sir

Santosh sir has scored above 140 twice in UPSC prelims and 120 plus in all 6 attempts. He has written all 6 mains and has appeared for Interviews 3 times. He has qualified for UPSC EPFO and BPSC 56-59th also. As the Prelims head at Civilsdaily, he has helped 15 out of 25 students clear the prelims examination this year.

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