(Link Inside) UPSC Prelims 2023 LIVE Paper Analysis & Cut-off Prediction with Sajal sir and Zeeshan sir

Sunday (28th May) 2023 | Join Sajal Sir (Academic Director at CD) and Zeeshan Sir (Senior IAS Mentor) for UPSC Prelims’23 Analysis

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With every passing year, the UPSC IAS Prelims exam becomes more challenging, unpredictable, and enigmatic, leaving aspirants grappling with uncertainty.

As soon as the UPSC Prelims 2023 is over, it becomes crucial to assess your chances for the Mains examination, understand the thought process of UPSC paper setters, and discern the pattern change or continuity.

Join Sajal sir and Zeeshan sir TODAY at 7 pm for an insightful LIVE session.

Zeeshan sir is not only an expert in predicting Prelims MCQs but also the cut-offs. We will be sharing an expected cut-off for UPSC Pelims 2023 in the session.

Below is the screenshot of the Predicted cut-off by Zeeshan sir which was super close to the real one: 88.22 marks for UPSC Prelim 2022


Topic: 1-1 LIVE Discussion on Prelims Paper 2023 and Cut-off Prediction

Date: 28th May 2023 (Sunday)

Time: 7:00 pm Onwards

Link will be emailed and shared here as well

What you should expect in 1-1 LIVE session with Sajal sir & Zeeshan Sir?

1. Detailed analysis of Prelims 2023 paper and gauging its difficulty level

2. Clarifying controversial and confusing questions asked in the paper

3. Analysing the mindset of UPSC prelims paper setters- Is UPSC changing? Is it following a trend?

4. Predicting Cut-off for Pre’2023

5. QnA session

Valuable insights and guidance for UPSC 2024 directly from the experts themselves.

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