FREE Webinar by IPS, Neepa Manocha (AIR 144): Importance of PYQs and Knowledge Trees in UPSC Prelims Prep

UPSC Prelims 2024: Cover Prelims syllabus holistically + predict the most probable topics

Direct Zoom link: AIR 144, IPS Neepa’s FREE webinar on 24th Feb 2024, 7:00 pm

First 100 will get personalized study plan mentorship session

With ~90 days to UPSC Prelims 2024, precision and strategy become our guiding stars.

UPSC Prelims has evolved, demanding more than ever in the last 3-4 years.

Gone are the days when rote learning and aimless strategies could see you through.

Standard resources and mocks can’t make you feel prepared anymore

Even after completing the syllabus and multiple revisions aspirants get stuck in the 70-80s range in Prelims.

AIR 144, IPS, Neepa Manocha will be LIVE with you to highlight the importance of using PYQs and the Knowledge Tree approach to not only cover the Prelims syllabus holistically but also to learn how to anticipate or predict the most probable topics for Prelims.

Get Neepa, AIR 144’s handwritten notes PDF in the webinar
Example of a Knowledge Tree

Read what IPS, Neepa has to say about UPSC prelims, PYQs, and the Knowledge Tree approach

“Hello UPSC Aspirants,

I’m Neepa Manocha, AIR 144 in UPSC 2022, and I’m here to talk about something that could significantly transform your approach to UPSC Prelims prep.

Join me on 24th Feb 2024 at 7 PM for a masterclass where we delve deep into the world of UPSC PYQs and the ‘Knowledge Tree’ approach to structured thinking.

Understanding the UPSC Prelims syllabus is one thing, but mastering it with a strategy that helps predict the most probable topics for questions is another.

This is where the power of Previous Year Questions (PYQs) and the Knowledge Tree concept becomes indispensable.

Imagine starting with a core subject area, like Article 21’s Right to Life and Personal Liberty, and branching out to explore its various dimensions—judicial interpretations, landmark cases, associated rights, and limitations.

This not only helps cover every aspect of a topic but also ensures a well-rounded understanding and the ability to see how everything is interconnected.

In our session, we’ll explore how this method can help organize your study, ensure no area is overlooked, and significantly boost your ability to predict and tackle UPSC Prelims questions effectively.”

UPSC Prelims 2024 Webinar by AIR 144, Neepa Manocha (IPS)

In this masterclass, you will get:

  1. Mastering PYQs: Learn how to analyze and utilize Previous Year Questions to predict and prepare for UPSC Prelims topics effectively.
  2. Knowledge Tree Approach: Understand the structured, hierarchical learning strategy to comprehensively cover the UPSC syllabus and see interconnections between topics.
  3. Strategic Topic Prediction: Gain insights into identifying the most probable topics for UPSC Prelims, ensuring a focused and efficient preparation.

Direct Zoom link: AIR 144, IPS Neepa’s FREE webinar on 24th Feb 2024, 7:00 pm

First 100 will get personalized study plan mentorship session

By the end, you’ll have razor-sharp clarity and a clear roadmap for approaching and qualifying your UPSC 2024 prelims exam with confidence and near-perfect certainty. 

IPS, Neepa Manocha

(Don’t wait—the next webinar won’t be until April 24)

upsc prelims 2024

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