(It’s LIVE) ZOOM LINK INSIDE | Webinar and 1-1 discussion with Prabhat Singh | Don’t miss: Join him for his secret strategy on cracking UPSC without leaving your job

Guys, Prabhat Singh is LIVE. You don’t want to miss out on this session.

Use this ZOOM LINK: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81963273759?pwd=V3FScVZYeVBZWXR4SDhSYVFpQzVRUT09

Webinar starts at 7pm.

Can a Working Professional Clear UPSC without leaving their full-time job? Or for that matter, aspirants with a time issue?

Prabhat Singh, CivilsDaily’s ranker, did it twice. He was able to make it into the list in UPSC 2019 and UPSC 2021. And he did it with a full-time job both times.

Webinar Details

Don’t miss this opportunity to get real workable strategy tips for UPSC-CSE working professionals, and UPSC aspirants with time management issues. This webinar is open to all.

Date: 13th June 2022 (Today)

Time: 7 to 8 PM

Use this ZOOM LINK: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81963273759?pwd=V3FScVZYeVBZWXR4SDhSYVFpQzVRUT09

Strategies & Approaches to be discssed by PRABHAT GYANENDRA SINGH!

1. The UPSC preparation process is divided into four stages. What should you focus on during each phase? How to manage time & control stress during every preparation phase. How to utilize holidays! will be discussed effectively.

2. Working examinees’ largest challenge is time management, which is critical for studying and taking care of one’s health while working a 9-hour shift. So, how to break down the syllabus into small chunks, and develop an effective & workable study strategy for UPSC preparation will also be discussed.

3. Our step-by-step 5-hour learning plan. How to complete syllabus, how to cover mock test series in such a short time! Other toppers’ time-management skills are also discussed.

4. Avoid errors that cost you a chance. How do you get your preparation off to a good start? What is one of the good sources for current affairs? is going to be discussed here.

5. The advantages of being a UPSC aspirant while working. What distinguishes you from the other competitors?

6. Studying judiciously. How can you save time by using the Civilsdaily App/website to acquire aggregated information?

7. Rest other untold many more essential tips that a working professional must know from our previous working topper.


PRABHAT GYANENDRA SINGH was a B.sc Statistics from Gujarat University, M.G. Science college.  He completed his LL.B from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University LL.M. – I.P.S. Roorkee, UTU. On a personal level, he pursued further education, especially in public policy. In his attempt of CSE 2021 with secured All India Rank. He has been a ranker from 2019 to 2021 consistently.

Our Hall of Fame boasts of nearly 200+ aspirants who have cleared the exam as working professionals. This year, our Civilsdaily students — Mantri Mourya Bharadwaj (AIR 28) and Divyansh Singh (AIR 49) worked really hard in their respective jobs and studies before they tasted success. This busts the myth that only full-time aspirants can clear the exam.

It is well said that writing a demanding answer is an art of excellence & can be achieved even by improving 1% a day. All it wants is will and effort, methodical practice and ultimate guidance. 

Strategy is what will make you tackle one of the most important challenges faced by thousands of CSE aspirants i.e. how to write a good answer in the Mains examination. Basically, questions in the Mains examination are asked with certain directives like ‘discuss/ critically discuss’ etc and you are to grasp clearly what that particular directive is asking you to fulfil.

It’s not only about ‘how to structure your answer’ but ‘how to introduce and conclude your answer’ and to develop templates for answers that you can recall at a short notice.

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