UPSC Results Expected Today | We are rooting for our students.

Hello officers, hows the josh.

This final countdown before the end results is the hardest. Friday, the weekend and now Monday is over. There is nothing more anxiety-inducing than this wait. It might surprise you, but we, your CD family, are at least 10x more anxious than you are and we are rooting for our 450+ students from across programs. We have been attending your calls non-stop since Friday. Everyone here Saket Sir, Pravin Sir, Sumit Sir, Ravi Sir, Shubham Sir, Zeeshan Sir everyone has been jam-packed(PS Photo of Z Sir and Pravin Sir after student interaction)

Now that we all are sure that the results will be announced tomorrow, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate how far you have come.

We have interacted with every one of you over a prolonged period and your stories have humbled us. No matter what the outcome is tomorrow, all of you are awesome, a class apart.

Mentoring you have ensured that we push our limits, and put in all we have. This experience has made us better in all senses. We believe in all of you and are with you throughout your entire preparation journey. #nomatterwhatittakes

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch