[UPSC Webinar ’25] Avoid these Mistakes & Give your ULTIMATE 1st Attempt!

A lot of us keep repeating the same mistakes – over relying on Test Series, not solving enough PYQs, attempting less – attempting more!

But progress is in learning from your mistakes. You don’t want to keep loosing on attempts for this learning.

Chandarprabha Sharma, AIR 289, will be here with us on 18th May, 6:00 PM in a Webinar where she will help you with Avoiding Mistakes and helping you give your BEST 1st Attempt!

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Chandarprabha tasted success in her LAST ATTEMPT. She had to wait almost a decade to finally make it to the coveted list!

What took her so many attempts to make it through? A lot of learnings, we would say!

Not only was she showing perseverance and character, she was trying to learn through her attempts.

For Prelims – On her priority list, we could find PYQs at the helm. And not only did she attempt these multiple times – she made a tracker on a SHEET where she used to assess her progress through accuracy she was achieving! Most of us don’t go into the details of our test attempts.

So, each time she was attempting the PYQs, she was getting to know more in-depth the language that UPSC was using, the hints that UPSC was dropping – the clues that she could use to come up with the answer.

Throughout this rigorous process was her learning to use logical estimations and deduce the answers, when faced with the difficult exam stress.

Here is a snippet from the analysis that she did of her Prelims PYQs (Attendees get a copy at the end of the Webinar!)

For Mains, she again heavily relied on her PYQ based analysis on her Excel, to identify recurring themes and sub-themes from the paper, and following NCERT sources for the language in her answer (This she believes might have been the X-Factor of her Mains Scores!)

A strong peer group, was another important part her preparation journey (we follow the same practice in our UAP Mentorship Program). The accountability from her peer group helped her clear Mains for the first time in the FINAL ATTEMPT! Who were a part of this peer group and how can you form your own?

In this 45 mins Webinar, we will take these learnings from her, and share the perfect strategy built around PYQs, NCERTs and Peer-based learning to clear the UPSC Exam (To the point discussion!)

Join us in the Webinar of Chandraprabha, 18th May, 6:00 PM, where she will be discussing these details!

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Post attending the Webinar, you will get:

  1. To know how to utilize PYQ Based Analysis using Data
  2. Mock Tests and how to derive the most value from them.
  3. For Prelims – focusing on the number of questions to be attempted using DATA & analyzing PYQs in a strong sense- (Find your SWEET SPOT for attempts in Prelims!)
  4. For Mains – Analyzing Theme-Based PYQs and using a strong Peer Group to write the best answers!
  5. Definite and Fixed Sources to start and enhance your UPSC Prep.

Bonus – Dealing with Mental Health using Huberman’s 20-Min Nap and other strategies (You need to know this!)

Registration is FREE but MANDATORY!

You’ll get the Zoom Link on Email/WhatsApp post registration

We will be sharing a Sample of the Excel Sheet by Chandarprabha in the Webinar with the students.

Attend this Webinar if

  1. If you are a first timer to the UPSC Preparation and want your attempt to be rock solid.
  2. You have not been able to clear in 1-2 attempts, and want to learn from mistakes of toppers!
  3. You want a clear-cut strategy of PYQ Analysis and implementing it in your preparation!

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