How to make a perfect UPSC Timetable with daily and weekly targets? Webinar by Dimple Ma’am, UPSC’22 ranker and Senior IAS Faculty

Join Dimple ma’am for UPSC Time Management and Time table Session for UPSC 2024-25 | 18th July, 7:30 pm | Get CD’s Atomic Notes PDF post-webinar | Register below to secure your spot

Preparing for the UPSC exam can be a tough race against time. And if you are a working professional or college student preparing for UPSC or just an aspirant with a serious time crunch, odds are against you. Coping with the syllabus can be extremely difficult, frustrating, and unproductive.

But does that mean you give up on your dreams?


Time management is a #UPSCskill that tops all other skills in this long journey. Moreover, the complexity and vastness of the syllabus, unpredictability and ever-changing pattern of the UPSC exam, and cut-throat competition necessitate you to invest your time wisely.

Once you master your time, you will understand how easy it is for IAS rankers and first attempt IAS wonders

Known for her meticulous planning and strategic study methodologies, Dimple ma’am will be guiding you through a comprehensive 12-month phase-wise study plan and detailed specifically tailored for UPSC 2024 aspirants.

Table of content:

  1. Details of the webinar
  2. What can you expect to learn from this webinar?
  3. Who should attend this webinar?
  4. Download: Civilsdaily’s Atomic Notes Magazine
  5. About Dimple Chouhan ma’am

Civilsdaily’s Toppers

How to attend this webinar?

Date: 18th July 2023, Tuesday

Time: 7:30 pm

Mode: Online through Zoom

The Zoom Link for the webinar will be shared by email

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

However, you can come and visit Civilsdaily’s Karol Bagh Center and meet Sajal sir and other mentors personally.

Address: Civilsdaily IAS, 1 LGF, Apsara Arcade, (near Karol Bagh metro station gate number 7) New Delhi, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, 110060

Contact here: +917303316700

About Dimple Chouhan

IAS’22 Topper, AIR-878, Dimple Chouhan is a senior IAS faculty at CivilsDaily. She has been mentoring UPSC aspirants for 4 years now and has mentored 150+ aspirants to Prelims success.

Time management isn’t the main thing. It is the only thing.

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

This webinar will benefit you if:

  1. Aspirants gearing up for UPSC 2024-25, be it college students, working professionals, or candidates who are at the very onset of their journey and struggling with time management.
  2. Those who attempted UPSC 2022 but couldn’t make it through and aim to make critical improvements for a stronger comeback in 2024.
  3. Candidates still trying to wrap their heads around the patterns, syllabus, and expectations of UPSC with respect to Current Affairs.

So, come join us and uncover the skills and understanding necessary to be a part of that 1% for UPSC 2024. Register now for the webinar and take your first step towards achieving your IAS dream!

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

What Can You Expect to Learn in This Webinar?

  1. Making a timetable that will ensure a top-50 rank in UPSC 2024-25
  2. How to manage effective 5 hours per day for UPSC success. Make a timetable and set targets.
  3. Management of Priorities – UPSC- work, family and life as well.
  4. Reducing time on non-priorities.
  5. Planning ahead, making targets, staying consistent w.r.t targets.
  6. How should the syllabus be approached to complete it within the time limit?
  7. Balancing prelims-mains on one hand and GS-current affairs on the other.
  8. How to determine the primary focus areas of the Prelims, Mains, and Personality tests?
  9. How to apply bookish as well as classroom knowledge to the exam?’

We will discuss the important ways in which you can crack this exam through the following methods:

  1. Personalized timetable
  2. Personalized study plan
  3. Tracking your progress
  4. Investing in topics with good ROI
  5. Focusing on smart study

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

You will also get an opportunity to interact 1-1 with Dimple Chouhan ma’am to discuss:

  1. A comprehensive, step-by-step 12-month strategy for UPSC preparation.
  2. Critical insights to fill gaps in your preparation.
  3. Decoding the complex and changing patterns of UPSC.
  4. A customizable framework for effectively aligning your preparation with UPSC’s expectations.
  5. Practical insights and tips for tackling common challenges on your UPSC journey.
  6. Strategies for continuously adapting to the evolving nature of UPSC.

(Note: The zoom link will be shared soon. Stay tuned for updates!)

CivilsDaily’s FREE Atomic Notes Magazine

Post-webinar we will share Civilsdaily’s Atomic Notes Magazine with you all along with other important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

  • Samachar Manthan Current Affairs Module for FREE
  • Prelims and Mains 2024 Toolkit

We will also schedule your 1-1 detailed mentorship call to help you prepare your self-study routine.

Join Dimple ma’am in the “Clarity with Rankers” webinar. Let her guide you toward a strategically planned, well-executed, successful UPSC journey. Together, let’s conquer UPSC 2024-25!

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

Book your seat now!

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