[UPSC Topper Open House ’25/26] Prep Strategy for UPSC 2025 – Prelims till Interview

Begin your UPSC Prep for 2025 by Guidance from Wardah Khan (IFS, AIR 18). It is an Open House event with Wardah as the our special guest to help new UPSC Aspirants with a Complete Preparation Strategy for UPSC 2025 – Prelims till Interview.

Join FREE Seminar on 3rd June, 2:30 pm

We are thrilled to have Wardha Khan (AIR 18) at Civilsdaily Delhi HQ.

She will be taking a session on a Comprehensive UPSC Strategy for 2025 Aspirants (Prelims till Interview).

About Wardha

Originally from Prayagraj, Wardha’s educational journey began in her hometown, but later shifted to Noida.

Despite numerous challenges (including failing the first attempt due to CSAT), she continued her education. She completed her schooling up to Class 10 and then pursued commerce. For her undergraduate studies, Wardha enrolled at Delhi University.

Initially motivated by a desire to contribute to her family’s financial stability, Wardha took up a corporate job. However, her aspiration to serve the nation through civil services led her to leave her job and fully dedicate herself to UPSC exam preparation.

Wardha’s journey is a testament to her resilience, determination, and the unwavering support from her mother. Her success story is truly inspiring.

Read what Wardah has to say about her way of preparation:

“Hi, I am Wardah Khan, and I have secured AIR 18 this year. The reason why I will be taking this Seminar is I don’t want serious aspirants to commit the same mistakes that I did.

While I was good in GS Paper (Prelims) in my first attempt, I flunked CSAT. It was tough, but I promised myself that I will come back stronger, and fortune favoured me this time.

Throughout my preparation journey, I relied heavily on Online Medium for preparation, and used PYQs extensively. This was the X-factor in this attempt, and I am sure that while you may have your way of preparation, preparing through PYQs is something which will act as a differentiator.

Join me Offline at Civilsdaily Delhi HQ, where I will be sharing a Step-by-Step preparation strategy from Prelims till the Interview, & share methodologies I used to clear this exam.”

Discuss Notes Making, Answer Writing, & PYQs based preparation with her.

Join Wardah OFFLINE at our Delhi Centre (3rd June, 2:30 PM)

Hurry Up! We are allowing only 50 students for the Offline Seminar so you need to book the seats!

Why Attend?

  1. Tailored for UPSC Prep Beginners: Our strategies are designed to help you with an effective headstart.
  2. Mentor Guidance: Get tips from experienced civil services mentors.
  3. Interactive Session: Ask questions and get real-time answers to your queries.

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