[UPSC’25 Beginner’s Webinar] On Note-Making using Progressive Summarization & Finding Focus in UPSC Preparation

By attending this webinar, you’ll gain access to an advanced note-making technique used by top rankers. This unique approach will not only enhance your focus but also teach you the art of connecting the dots, giving you a competitive edge in the UPSC-CSE exam.

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Let me ask you a simple question today – What is your note-making strategy for UPSC-CSE? 

Now, I know that you have some idea about it. You have watched the topper’s videos. But again, I am asking you –  what ‘your’ note-making strategy is.

Copying what toppers do is subjective to them. You can’t just apply that to your preparation and expect similar results. 

One simple reason for this is that Topper’s notes are contextual to them. There is a lot of hidden information and context in their notes. 

To you as a viewer, this is 100% invisible. Yet the same notes are super handy and valuable to toppers. 

What you see is the final version (Layer-5 notes) of the topper. The context and details lie in Layers 1-4. What you need is your own journey from Layer 1 to 5. This is exactly why you must attend this webinar to learn how to make topper-level notes using the same technique used by rankers  – Progressive Summarization.

Let me give you a sneak peek into webinar content – 

This is a student’s layer 5 notes on a Polity topic. Check the right balance of context and compression (crisp). It is easily revisable and helps with active recall.  

This is another example of layer-5 notes using a Mains answer structure for note-making.

There is another important topic that I am going to cover in this session, i.e. 

How to find your focus? 

We live in a world full of distractions. People have self-diagnosed ADHD. Maintaining focus, concentration, and attention is extremely critical. If you are struggling to do so – Do not miss this session. I am going to talk about – ‘A 10-day path to ultimate concentration.’

We are coming with a Webinar (11th June, 7 PM) where we will show you how to work on your Notes using Progressive Summarization, & finding the focus back in your preparation.

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Outcomes of the Webinar

Participants will learn the art of effective note-making through the technique of Progressive Summarization, providing them with a structured approach to convert their initial notes into valuable study materials similar to those used by UPSC toppers. This method involves:

  1. Layered Note-Taking: Understanding the five-layer approach to note-making, from initial detailed notes to the final concise version.
  2. Personalized Context: Developing notes that are contextual and personalized, thus enhancing retention and recall during the exams.

Techniques for Enhanced Focus and Concentration

The session will provide valuable strategies to improve focus and concentration, essential for cracking the UPSC-CSE amidst a world full of distractions. Key takeaways included:

  1. 10-Day Concentration Path: A step-by-step guide to achieving ultimate concentration over a 10-day period.
  2. Practical Tips: Techniques and practical advice to maintain focus and manage distractions effectively.

Interactive Learning Experience

The webinar will offer an interactive learning environment where participants could:

  1. Engage with Examples: Analyze real examples of Layer-5 notes.
  2. Ask Questions: Directly interact with the Prayas Sir to clarify doubts and gain deeper insights into note-making strategies.
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