[Video Analysis + Top 10 Ranks] 20 May 2019 | Prelims Daily with Rakesh Sir

Dear students,

Here’s a link to the Prelims Daily Quiz Analysis Video. Watch this after you have attempted that day’s Prelims Daily questions [on this link]


The full playlist is available here [click2watch]

Leaderboard: 20th May 2019 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions

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We need your comments, likes, and shares on these videos. The aim of this series is to help you revise news via questions. PLEASE spread the videos.

What’s wrong with the student’s study habits?

Only 5% of our students who read news attempt PD. This beats the purpose of reading the news. Even those 5% who attempt PD are unable to get the most out of the initiative. They are either guessing or doing the tests just as a routing activity without engaging in it.

What’s CD doing to maximize your efforts?

Now, we have moved one step further with the launch of analysis videos of Prelims Daily (PD). These videos will reveal the critical nitty-gritty surrounding every PD question. It is an unfortunate reality that no single question can be framed to cover all the possible angles.

The analysis videos will plug this hitherto inevitable gap, thereby making your preparation more methodical, holistic and foolproof. Nothing can be more valuable than experience, and that is precisely what the PD initiative and the analysis videos offer. These will be valuable for both newcomers and senior players in the field.

PS: We want to be 100% certain that the time and energy spent on making these videos is helping you in your UPSC Prelims preparation. So, pls click on the videos, like, share and comment and let us know your thoughts

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