Vikas ka Budget | Key points from the Ministry of Finance – 2016

It is true that the Budget could be difficult to understand. Sarkar just made it easier for you to know how your tax-money is being spent. Try evaluating whether your Government is doing enough.

This time, we were pleasantly surprised to find the lengths to which the Ministry of Finance has gone to make it easier for everyone to understand the Budget.

What’s in it for me!

#1. How does it helps a farmer, Khem Lal Khushwaha?


#2. How does it helps a daily wage labourer, Mohan Patel?


#3. How does it helps a student, Shushmita?


There are a few more character sketches and a lot more variations across sectors/ benefits at the Finmin website. Do check out the Vikas ka budget – click here.

If you have any questions (however basic), feel free to drop them here.


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