Samarth 2022-Webinar by Sudhanshu sir| How to crack UPSC IAS exam in the very first attempt? |Register here

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Webinar Date: 16th May 2021

Timings: 3 PM

As complicated as it may appear, the UPSC Civil services exam is more about carrying nerves. It’s also about maintaining discipline for the time being and till you succeed. Nor the subjects are esoteric or unheard of. But the character for one to be able to sacrifice the beauty called life and family is rare. Your stay in the game with the zeal to come out winning is very important.

Philosophy aside, but keeping the practical elements in mind, let’s dig a little deeper.  Also, find out what it takes for one to jump that threshold and what our toppers have said. Why have they not been able to clear earlier and what changes they made to succeed?. These are the most sought-after info and are available on the internet. But from an individual’s perspective, one can not ignore his/her inconclusiveness due to lack of a distinct plan or direction.

Hence, we are coming up with an open session. To counter myths and give some facts which will help you see the light on the other side of the tunnel about the exam.

In this open session, we are going to give a clear insight which is important for one to save time, energy, and effort. Which might otherwise be getting wasted in the wrong direction? This is important because for an individual the first year is the year with maximum energy, expectation from self, go-getter attitude, etc..

Register here for the webinar (click here)

We tend to get lost in the sea of advice and sources of studies. To save one from such torrents of information, it’s sometimes said that we need to better know “what not to follow than what to follow”.

Anyways such hypotheses aside, your time in this open session is going to be full of interaction. Some previous year aspirants are also expected to be present. We do expect that all your confusion about the exam will get clear.

Attendees can expect some takeaways too in the form of softcopies relevant to the exam. They will be available to you via email once you have done the registration for the open session.

In this webinar, Sudhanshu Mishra, Core-Faculty@Civilsdaily will give you an overview:

– What UPSC expects out of you?

– Avoiding Mistakes which can cost you an attempt?

– What to do to master the IAS-Exam?

– How to clear the exam -Step-by-Step learning plan?

– An interactive Q&A session with an experienced audience?

– How to clear the exam in the very first attempt?

– Important Civilsdaily softcopies takeaway for exam preparation.

A quick bit about Sudhanshu Sir :

Sudhanshu Sir has firsthand experience of 3 mains and two interviews of UPSC. He has served in the defence ministry for 10 years with keen interests in regional and global geopolitics and has ample experience of various other competitive exams as well. 

Register here for the webinar (click here)

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