Webinar for Marathi aspirants: Learn the secret of scoring 125+ in UPSC-MPSC 2023 Prelims | By Pravin Garje sir

Book your 15th Nov, from 03.30 pm, the most important Masterclass webinar session for MPSC/UPSC 2023-24 aspirants | Learn the secret of scoring 125+ in UPSC + MPSC Prelims | Post-session important PDFs, videos, and notes will be shared for FREE.

Hi guys, do you think that sometimes luck comes in pairs? Yes, this time fortune smiles if you are a prepared mind. 

We all know that MPSC, Maharashtra PSC Pattern, and Syllabus have changed since 2023. And the good news is that you can now kill two birds with one arrow.

Yes, you can say that both UPSC and MPSC are twins now. 2 Commissions are now two organizations but one heart. So, if you prepare for UPSC, you will be fully prepared for MPSC.

So if you can score 125 in one, you will easily get 125+ in the other. But the question is ‘HOW’.

Acknowledging the need to ensure125+ marks in UPSC/MPSC Prelims, CD’s mentor head, Pravin Garje sir is taking up a webinar masterclass to help you learn the secret tips & tricks to score 125+ not only in MPSC but also in UPSC Prelims.

MPSC has been aligned with UPSC and aspirants preparing for UPSC as well must have an integrated preparation. To bring direction, efficiency, and 360-degree practice in the next months is not only crucial for your preparation but also to fill loopholes, identify the cause of failures, handle your comfort zone, etc. Everything that you do must be under a plan, a strategy. Strategies are nothing but the pillars of success for both UPSC and MPSC.

This Masterclass is going to be a game changer for you if you are:

  1. A UPSC/MPSC beginner – confused about the syllabus, prioritizing subjects, making timetables & targets, or just getting started.
  2. A working professional or college student who will be attempting UPSC 2023 with a job. Facing a serious time crunch and mismanagement in UPSC preparation.
  3. A veteran or aspirant trying to improve your rank in UPSC 2023 attempt.

Strategic planning will help you fully uncover your options, set priorities for them, and define the methods to achieve them.

Key points that will be discussed in the LIVE webinar are:

1. Common mistakes committed by aspirants– Every failure has regrets later in life, but how you move on from your past adverse choices can make a big difference in your upcoming preparations. So learning how to take ownership of your mistakes will ensure that you learn important actions that will prevent you from repeating those same mistakes again.

2. Changing pattern of prelims– Whether it is UPSC or MPSC, pattern analysis is far more crucial than reading your book. So, how to identify the top priorities, What to read & what to skip will also be discussed.

3. Sources and approach for each subject– According to the new pattern and weightage of the subjects, what are the minimum sources you should follow as well as what is the toppers’ approach will also be disclosed.

4. Importance of Current affairs and its source– Current affairs are an inseparable part of preparation. But, unnecessary current affairs may be a boomerang. So, how to select the topics of the IMP current affairs & what will be the most reliable source?

5. Techniques to solve prelims MCQs with an example– What are Intelligent Elimination Techniques for MPSC/UPSC Prelims 2023-24.

6. In prelims, Common sense is primary, knowledge is secondary– 10 smart hacks for MCQ option elimination

Civildaily’s Mentorship is Acknowledged by The Hindu

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