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Linking current affairs with static general studies topic upsc cse 2023

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There are certain skills you need to master for UPSC. One of the most important ones is Linking Current Events/Affairs with Static or General Studies topics.

It is easier said than done. It takes a certain level of knowledge, experience, and practice. But, like any other skill, it could be learned and mastered under a teacher/mentor. 

Why is it important? Let us take two examples:

Saint Ramanujacharya was in news in Feb 2022 when PM Modi unveiled a statue of the saint – The statue of Equality

For any serious aspirant, it was common sense that a question could be asked in the UPSC Prelims 2022 exam. But UPSC wouldn’t ask directly, it will link it to the GS.

This question was in fact asked in Prelims and a Mains question is also expected in 2022. Moreover, if you would have covered and connected the CA while doing your NCERTs this question was secured.

A direct question was asked in UPSC CSE Prelims 2022. Below is the question.

(Ques.) The world’s second tallest statue in the sitting pose of Ramanuja was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India at Hyderabad recently. Which one of the following statements correctly represents the teachings of Ramanuja?

  • (a) The best means of salvation was devotion.
  • (b) Vedas are eternal, self-existent, and wholly authoritative.
  • (c) Logical arguments were meant for the highest bliss.
  • (d) Salvation was to be obtained through meditation.
Taking another example: Ukraine war has been in news. If one were to make notes and have to connect it with Static geography or International relations for Mains they can do it in the manner as below.

Webinar on 8th July, 7 pm – Friday

Mangesh Azade sir will be taking a LIVE webinar on coming Friday. This is a must for those who want to learn and master this skill. We will be taking up case studies and solving both prelims and mains questions.

Register for the webinar. Submit your query and get Telegram group + access to FREE resources. Mangesh sir will also share a special compilation of PDF with you post-webinar.

About Mangesh Azade sir

Mangesh sir is a senior IAS mentor at CivilsDaily and he has been mentoring UPSC aspirants and now rankers for more than 4 years now. Mangesh sir has an experience of 3 UPSC interviews and has cleared the Intelligence Bureau exam and UPSC CAPF (ACs) exam, which he didn’t join. He is a passionate mentor and has students’ interests in mind always. He has successfully mentored almost 50 rankers to date.

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