(Watch LIVE) 7-step Integrated Current Affairs strategy for UPSC Prelims & Mains 2023/2024? Linking current affairs to GS in Answer Writing | FREE Webinar + Samachar Manthan current affairs module

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How to collect-analyse-organize-utilize-revise current affairs? Circle 16th (Friday) on the Calendar for Important Webinar for UPSC 2023-24.

Everybody tells you Current Affairs is crucial for UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains.

But no one tells you how to cover current affairs, what are the best sources, and how to collect-analyse-organize-utilize-revise current affairs.

Dimple Chouhan ma’am, senior IAS faculty for Samachar Manthan program will take the most important webinar for you on How to cover current affairs most effectively for UPSC CSE?

Table of Content

Current Affairs provide the basis for almost 70-80% of the questions asked in UPSC Prelims and Mains. As per recent exam trends, even the questions on various hardcore GS subjects, including History, Culture, Geography, and politics, have been critically connected with and influenced by current events.

Webinar Details:

Date: 16th December, Friday

Time: 7 PM

Mode: Online (we will email you the link)

Registration is FREE and Webinar is Open to all

Post webinar get PERSONALIZED Current Affairs Strategy + MENTORSHIP CALL for UPSC 2023-24. 

What are you going to learn in this Webinar?

Basically, exam-oriented current affairs preparation depends on 4 aspects;

  • Staying informed about the most relevant current topics.
  • Understanding the context (It is not enough to simply know what has happened
  • Organizing & updating your notes for MCQs & Answer writing.
  • Practicing MCQs and forming Mains GS answers 

In this webinar Dimple ma’am will discuss following points

1. How to cover daily current affairs in just 1.5 hrs along with notes and answer writing? Especially for working professionals.

2. How to Link current affairs to GS in Answer Writing?

3. How Current Affairs can help beat the unpredictability of UPSC paper, especially Prelims. Changing trends, eg: Prelims 2022- many questions from IR.

4. Issues in Current Affairs coverage- 

  • What to read?
  • What are the sources?
  • How much time should be devoted to Current Affairs?
  • Can newspapers be a substitute for monthly magazines?
  • How to make notes
  • How to integrate CA into Mains answers
  • Daily, weekly coverage vs monthly coverage

5. Subjects, directly and indirectly, dependent on CA

Post webinar get PERSONALIZED Current Affairs Strategy + MENTORSHIP CALL for UPSC 2023-24. 

Materials You Will Receive Post Webinar (Webinar FREE Package)

  • 1-1 discussion on Most Probable current affairs topics for UPSC 2023
  • Smash Prelims notes PDF,
  • 24 weeks’ Micro-Macro masterplan,
  • and MCQ tests.

About Dimple Ma’am

Dimple Chouhan is a senior IAS faculty at CivilsDaily. She has been mentoring UPSC aspirants for 4 years now and has mentored 150+ aspirants to Prelims success.

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Post webinar get PERSONALIZED Current Affairs Strategy + MENTORSHIP CALL for UPSC 2023-24. 

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