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Ethics paper in UPSC mains is designed to evaluate the ‘Ethical Competence’ and not the bookish knowledge about ‘Ethics’. There are certain skills you need to master Answer Writing for Paper-4.

  • How to Complete the paper on time even if all questions are not known? Completion of the entire question paper is needful. UPSC doesn’t look for the best answers. It wants the appropriate usage. So, how to illustrate values in the simplest and in the least possible words in time is going to be elaborated in this live session.
  • How to write ethics-oriented answers even though questions could have been asked in other GS papers. Ethics norms instruct about right or wrong. So, how to charge your answers with ‘Transparency’, ‘Accountability’, and ‘Right Attitude’ is surely focused in the webinar
  • Writing course of action of case studies in most ethical ways along with practical approach. Even an ideal solution wouldn’t fetch marks, if it seems unworkable. Focusing this, How to frame your answers based on peripheral problems in a case study will be discussed.
  • How to use examples and can make our own examples. The best possible ways of creating the most relevant experiences/examples from current, social issues, professional life, your area of interest, etc. will surely be talked over here.
  • How to have a grip on recent trends in Ethics paper!
  • Do and don’t of ethics paper. The most common mistakes will also be discussed. Mistake-prone: If there are no real-life cases, never let it go without them. Be prepared to make your point from the lives of social reformers, leaders, civil servants, etc., and other respected people.

It is easier said than done. It takes a certain level of knowledge, experience, and practice. But, like any other skill, it could be learned and mastered under a teacher/mentor. 

Webinar on 11th July, 7 pm – Sunday

Dinesh Sharma sir will be taking a LIVE webinar on coming Monday. This is a must for those who want to learn and master Answer Writing skill to score 110+. We will be taking up and solving LIVE previous year’s UPSC Mains question and case studies for Ethics questions.

Register for the webinar. Submit your query and get Telegram group + access to FREE resources. Dinesh sir will also share a special compilation of PDFs with you post-webinar.

About Dinesh Sharma sir

Dinesh sir is a senior IAS mentor at CivilsDaily and he has been mentoring UPSC aspirants and rankers for more than 4 years now. Dinesh sir has an experience of 2 UPSC interviews and 3 UPSC Mains. He is a passionate mentor and has students’ interests in mind always. He is a public policy enthusiast and is always ready to counsel or mentor UPSC aspirants.

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