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For those who missed the amazing session by Sumit sir on writing Introductions and Conclusions for UPSC Mains answers. Get the recording of the session and super important 87 pages PDF.

The Webinar was a great success and many important points were discussed like:

5 ideas to write an intro for UPSC Mains answers

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How to write impactful introductions? and seven cardinal mistakes

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Other points discussed were:

Examples of Good and Bad Introductions, Good and Bad Conclusions,

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The session was conducted on 14th July, 7 pm and it was a great success. Aspirants, we have started the #UPSCskill series for webinars by UPSC toppers and senior IAS mentors from CivilsDaily. As a part of this initiative, we will be taking up another super important skill that an aspirant must master.

Feedback for the last #UPSCskill Webinar

Webinar: Master Introductions and Conclusions for UPSC Mains Answers (successfully concluded)

Webinar on 14th July, 7 pm – Thursday – Successfully concluded

Sumit sir took a LIVE webinar on past Thursday. Through a LIVE answer writing session, he tought and helped aspirants master the skills required to formulate amazing introductions and conclusions.

The Webinar was a great success and many important points were discussed.

About Sumit Haritwal sir

Sumit sir is a senior IAS mentor at CivilsDaily and he has been mentoring UPSC aspirants and now rankers for more than 4 years now. A public policy and international affairs enthusiast Sumit sir has an experience of 3 UPSC interviews and has cleared the PSC and CAPF exam earlier. He will be taking up your questions in the webinar and would also be connecting with you in the Telegram group.

What The Hindu mentioned about Civilsdaily Mentorship

The Hindu has acknowledged the success rate of CD’s Smash mains Mentorship

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