Get 87 paged PDF + recorded session | FREE Masterclass – Write introductions and conclusions to UPSC Mains answers like IAS toppers | Key to 450+ marks in GS Mains | Important Webinar sessions by Sumit and Ranadheer sir

1st Nov, 5-8 pm | Get 87 paged Mains Answer Writing PDF document by Sumit sir FREE | Learn and master the skill of writing UPSC intros and conclusions | UPSC GS Paper 1,2,3, and 4 (ethics)

It’s well said that writing is an art. But, in the case of the IAS exam, Answer writing is a skill rather than an art. Every year lakhs of aspirants sit for the UPSC-IAS exam, but only 0.005% become an IAS/IPS. It doesn’t mean 99% of people lack knowledge. They lack the required skills that an IAS aspirant must have, that is to articulate the knowledge and information that they have.

Writing an excellent conclusion is more important than an introduction, since that’s the last thing an examiner reads before giving marks for your answer.

Sajal Singh, Co-founder Civilsdaily

While an introduction to UPSC Mains answer is as important as the Preamble is to the Consitution of India, it is the conclusion of the answer that can have a greater impact on the marks scored in a particular answer.

Answer copy of a UPSC topper. (AIR 4)

However, a perfect UPSC Mains answer balances all the elements including the intro and conclusion. And this is in itself a skill that must be learned and practiced.

CivilsDaily IAS is conducting a FREE webinar-cum-Masterclass focussing on these elements.

Webinar Details: Master Introductions and Conclusions for UPSC Mains Answers

Sumit sir and Ranadheer sir will be taking a LIVE webinar on coming Monday. Through a LIVE answer writing session, they will be teaching and helping you master the skills required to formulate amazing introductions and conclusions.

Webinar on 1st Nov, 5-8 pm – Tuesday

Session 1: Sumit sir will be taking LIVE Masterclass for UPSC GS Paper 1,2, and 3

Session 2: Ranadheer sir will join and take LIVE Masterclass for UPSC GS Paper 4 (Ethics)

Key takeaways from the session

  1. Starting an Answer with crisp Introduction and Writing wholesome conclusions
  2. How to approach a Mains question?
  3. How to structure your answer! Where to insert bullet points! Where and how to insert charts, Etc. will such achieving points will be discussed.
  4. Our step-by-step separate plans for GS papers’ answer writing and Essay writing with our Hall of fame toppers’ rule of thumb skills are also discussed.
  5. How not to get lost in the word limit for unfamiliar questions. How to maintain ‘Accuracy’, ‘Brevity’, and ‘Clarity’ to every answer?
  6. How to identify Opinion-based questions and Fact-based questions. And how not to wait for long for the answers to come out from your mind? 
  7. How to keep ‘Brainstorming, Outlining, Idea/Argument Placement, and Structuring’ within a stipulated time will also be thoroughly discussed in this masterclass.
  8. How to construct your answers with a fitting intro. + Positive-negative combination in body and a well-balanced conclusion.

Clearing UPSC mains is an art of excellence & can be achieved even by improving 1% a day. All it wants are will and effort, methodical practice, and ultimate guidance. 

Our step-by-step answer writing strategy enables you to justify not only ‘how to care about the distinguishing answer framework’ but also ‘how to introduce and conclude the answer in mains’ and to develop templates for answers that you can recall at short notice. Here we will be focussing on the body of the Mains answer.

Register for the webinar. Submit your query and get Telegram group + access to FREE resources. Sumit sir will also share a special PDF with you post-webinar.

About the Mentors

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Register for the webinar. Submit your query and get Telegram group + access to FREE resources. Sumit sir will also share a special PDF with you post-webinar.

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