What are the 5 Methods to Maintain Daily Consistency in Current Affairs, Optional & GS Preparation?|| What are the 4 Factors you Need to Work on if you can’t Study Regularly?|| Free Live Webinar by UPSC-CSE 2020 IPS Officer Rishabh Sharma|| Limited Slots Available, Register Now

Since its inception, UPSC-CSE has had toppers from various academic and socio-economic backgrounds who have cracked the exam with flying colours. It’s clear that one doesn’t have to go to Delhi or a coaching centre to crack UPSC-CSE.

If education, geographical and economic background doesn’t matter, then what does? Attitude, or precisely consistency. If you are persistent and adamant to clear UPSC- CSE and have given more than two attempts till now, then you must replace that with consistency. Because, being persistent might lead you to the door, but it’s consistency that unlocks it.

In last month’s Samanvaya 1-on-1 counselling sessions, our expert Civilsdaily mentors reached out to aspirants to address their concerns regarding UPSC-CSE preparation. These are the responses they often heard from them —

How do I start preparing after a gap of 3-4 months?

It’s easy for me to maintain consistency in GS Preparation but not Revision

I study daily, but can only remain focused for 2-3 hours. How do I improve?

My long working hours don’t allow me to study daily.

Why am I losing interest in completing a subject? It’ s easier to read a new subject everyday.

Open to All, Free Live Webinar by IPS Officer Rishabh Sharma sir

This prompted us to reach out to one of our students who is currently an IPS officer, Rishabh Sharma. He cleared the exam in 2020 with AIR 454. After his first attempt, Rishabh had enrolled in Smash Mains program under Sajal sir and also attended our free interview program. Cracking the mighty UPSC-CSE the second time, Rishabh explains what consistency means to him —

UPSC doesn’t just test your intellect. It tests your patience, mental strength, your emotions, the very character of yours . As far as the journey of CSE is concerned you might know when to start, but you never know when the journey will come to an end. So be consistent and enjoy the journey.

Every topper follows a plan, a method or strategy that makes it easier for them to study on a daily basis and complete the traget modules of the day. In this free live webinar, Rishab Sharma IPS will be explaining the many ways he ensured that he never faltered on his preparation.

What you will be learning from Rishab Sharma IPS in this webinar?

1. The difference between a consistent study pattern v/s an inconsistent one. How did UPSC-CSE become easier for Rishab Sharma IPS due to consistency?

2. Social media distraction. How did Rishabh Sharma IPS avoid spending long hours on social media?

3. Number of ideal breaks everyday. Why is it necessary to reward yourself with a short break from time to time?

4. Did Rishabh Sharma IPS plan his timetable in advance? Why daily timetable should not be rigid but yearly timetable should be well defined?

5. How to remain consistent when you are not opting for coaching? Rishabh Sharma answers.

6. What are the practical methods to maintain regularity in studies. Tips to sustain the fire and passion for studies by Rishab Sharma IPS

7. Why using Public Libraries is a way to remain consistent in UPSC-CSE preparation? How helpful is it according to Rishabh Sharma?

8. What are the 4 factors that determine if you can remain consistent for a year? If not, then why should you work on them first before starting UPSC-CSE preparation?

Webinar Details

It’s understandable we are humans and not programmable robots who can maintain the same level of interest everyday. However, maintaining an overall consistency throughout our preparation is neccessary to clear this competitive and vast exam.

We hope this webinar by Rishabh Sharma IPS will give you a fresh and clear start to prepare for UPSC-CSE 2022-23

Date: 11 February, 2022 (Friday)

Time: 7PM

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