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Success isn’t always because of greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson.

IPS Officer Shubham Nagargoje lived by this saying during his entire UPSC and RBI Grade B preparation of three years. Hence, failing to clear the UPSC Prelims twice didn’t deter him. He finally got appointment letters both as an RBI Grade B officer and an IPS officer. His joy knew no bounds and the very first thing he did upon hearing the news was hug his roommate and cry tears of joy. Shubham’s inclination in civil service motivated him to reject the former for the latter.

Free Open for All, Q&A Webinar with Shubham Nagargoje IPS

As UPSC-CSE aspirants, most of us would have faced the issue of consistency — we achieve our targets for the first month, but soon afterward our preparation (best known to us) fizzles out. Before we know, we would have gone months together without studying due to which we would give the upcoming UPSC exams a miss. This invariably delays the prospects of selection by a year or more.

But what exactly is consistency? It appears to be a very common word just like ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ that everyone throws around. How does it feel to follow consistent life like other UPSC toppers? Consistency in UPSC parlance involves two aspects — being regular and being steadfast. It’s the willpower to read the current affairs in the morning, read the prelims portions in the afternoon, study for your Optional subject in the evening and round it off with a Mains subject at night. It’s the ability to not skip prelims and mains test series on the weekends. And it’s about making time to revise your notes once a week. Even if you miss one of these aspects, you are not true to your preparation.

Does this sound difficult? Then attend the Ask Me Anything Session with Shubham Nagargoje to understand the five ways you can keep yourself consistent aka motivated for the upcoming UPSC CSE 2021 Mains and UPSC CSE 2022 Prelims exam.

It’s absolutely free for anyone to attend but due to a fixed duration of 1 hour, we are only having limited slots. So kindly register for the webinar by filling this form right now.

Key Takeaways of the Free Q&A Webinar with Shubham Nagargoje IPS

1. Consistency according to Shubham. What did it mean to him?

2. Day 01 v/s Day 365. How regular studies made him more intellectual, mentally strong and increased his confidence in mastering the topics?

3. Mistakes aspirants make in the name of consistency. For example, why studying one book for the entire day is a bad idea?

4. The right approach to Dynamic Prelims. What are the changes Shubham made in his 3rd attempt which helped him clear Prelims?

5. Acing group studies for UPSC. How did Shubham successfully prepare with his four friends because of which all of them cleared Prelims and Mains?

6. The time-management technique which helped Shubham stay focused. What were the distractions in Shubham’s preparation and how did he conquer them?

7. What to write in DAF and what not to. How did Shubham research on his DAF because of which he was able to give a convincing interview?

8. Navigating through study breaks. How long should a study break be and how to get back to study mode?

9. Ideal hobbies for UPSC Aspirants. What are the hobbies you should cultivate now that can be a refreshing break for you?

10. Other Government Exams. What are the other government exams you can study along with UPSC which has a similar syllabus but lesser competition?

Webinar Details

If you want to improve your preparation for UPSC, then do attend this webinar by IPS officer Shubham. Registration is free but limited due to the number of questions we can accommodate in the one-hour session. So fill the form below and confirm your attendance ASAP!

Date: 6 December 2021 (Monday)

Time: 7 P.M

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