Free Live Webinar Today @ 7PM || What are the Memory Techniques to Follow While Studying for UPSC CSE? || Q&A Session with IAS Officer Vaibhav Rawat (AIR 25, UPSC 2020)|| Limited Slots Open, Register Now

“Prelims, Mains and Interview are 3 stages of pilgrimages and I found all of them equally challenging”, says Vaibhav Rawat IAS after securing All India Rank 25 in UPSC 2020 Exam.

He started his preparation in 2018 without any idea of what was civil services or the challenging syllabus of UPSC. Fresh out of his job in Samsung R&D, Vaibhav initially faced umpteen difficulties in understanding or remembering what he had read. However, with daily studies there was an improvement and he was slowly able to master the topics. In his first attempt, Vaibhav reached till interview stage but missed out on the final ranking by a whisker. After this, he took the mentorship of Sajal Sir to score high marks in Mains and Interview. Vaibhav proves the saying that, successful people are not gifted but they work hard.

Upon finding his name in the final pdf, Vaibhav asserts that his parents are more happier than him. For Vaibhav, there is only relief as he doesn’t have to start the exhausting cycle of UPSC preparation all over again.

Open to All, Free to Attend—Ask me Anything Session with Vaibhav Rawat IAS

Vaibhav Rawat is geared up for an Ask me Anything Session with all Civilsdaily UPSC aspirants. For anyone wanting tips on certain topics, preparing for UPSC Mains in the last 3 months or suggestions on improving their marks, this session will be useful. Your questions will be Vaibhav’s answers which are drawn from his own experiences. Just register yourself with us as soon as possible to confirm your presence.

Key Takeaways of Vaibhav Rawat’s Webinar

1. Importance of having a role model. Who was Vaibhav Rawat’s idol and how did that help him stay calm and focused towards his goals?

2. Unpredictability of UPSC . What to study when you are not sure of the type of questions which would come in the exam?

3. The art of answer writing in Mains. What are few of the common practices Vaibhav followed in the Mains exam?

4. Memory techniques followed by Vaibhav Rawat. What did he do to recall important dates, names, statistics, conventions for the exam?

5. First Attempt v/s Second Attempt. How did Vaibhav approach prelims, mains and interview preparation?

6. Tips for beginners. Why is it better to work for a year or two before preparing for UPSC?

A major part of the session would be interactive and in Q&A format. This will surely benefit any aspirant who are in midway of their preparation.

Webinar Details

If you are studying hard but are unsure that you are studying right, then its time to get some assurance from the topper himself! Register for this free webinar by IAS officer Vaibhav Rawat.

Date: 22 November 2021 (Monday)

Time: 7 P.M

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