What are the Top 10 Elimination Techniques Used by Toppers in UPSC Prelims to Solve Answers When They Are Unsure of the Right Option?|| Free Live Webinar by Two-Time Interview Qualified Civilsdaily Mentor Parth Verma Sir|| Limited Slots Available, Register Now

Knowledge alone is not enough to clear UPSC Prelims. Elimination techniques alone are not enough to crack this exam. One needs both to clear UPSC Prelims from 2014 onwards. Since UPSC Prelims is the toughest exam out of Interview and Mains with over 9.5 lakh aspirants getting disqualified, it’s always better to think about increasing 20-30 marks with your existing knowledge using elimination techniques.

Why is that with the same syllabus, the same study materials and similar syllabus and similar study materials, most candidates score differently? For some, just a reading of the Spectrum book is enough to answer all the Modern History questions, but for others despite reading the same book this is what they face in exams

If it’s about prelims exam performance, then aspirants fall into either of these four categories. Which category are you in currently?

1) Prelims score 0-40: They need to work on improving their knowledge first and then learn answering tricks
2) Prelims score 50-70: They have decent knowledge and decent answering tricks. But this is not enough to clear Prelims, they need to be an above average performer. Hence, they must focus on preparing for the topics they have scored less in their mock tests.
3) Prelims score 80-100: They have good knowledge but they need to develop answering tricks. They can do without learning elimination techniques as well, but if they wish to be on the same time learning elimination techniques will guarantee them success.
4) Prelims score 120+: They have excellent knowledge and know all the answering tricks.

Free Open to All Webinar by Parth Sir on UPSC Prelims Answering Tricks and Elimination Techniques

UPSC 2020 AIR 30 Topper & Civilsdaily Student Divyanshu Chaudhary says how elimination techniques are useful for UPSC Prelims

Knowledge of a topic precedes elimination techniques in Prelims exam. Without knowing much about a topic, if one uses elimination techniques, it will only backfire.

Clearing Prelims is all about Knowledge + Answering Tricks (Tikdams). And while you are studying hard to improve your knowledge, Parth sir will help you improve your answering techniques, for absolutely FREE!

The webinar will have live demonstration of few questions from Smash Prelims 2022 mock tests and how elimination technique can be used when one is not sure between two similar looking options. Let’s look at an example to understand how.

In the context of Colonial India, Shah Nawaz Khan, Prem Kumar Sehgal and Gurbaksh Singh Dhillion are remembered as

a) Leaders of Swadeshi and Boycott Movement
b) Members of the Interim Government in 1946
c) Members of the Drafting Committee in the Constituent Assembly
d) Officers of the Indian National Army

If you have come across the names while reading, using elimination techniques will help you recollect exactly what you had read.

Parth sir will explain how you can answer these questions with smart techniques, even if you DON’T know the answer but have read the topic before.

Key Takeaways of Free Live Webinar by Parth Sir

This is your opportunity to learn the tricks that can help you score 120+ in your Prelims. Join Parth sir for a free webinar and this is what you can learn:

1. 10 Different types of elimination/intelligent guess techniques for hard to verify facts through solving previous year UPSC questions.

2. How to master the Elimination techniques, used by toppers.

3. Ideal strategy for the Last 120 days for UPSC prelims 2022.

4. Which are the tricky topics in the syllabus where one can use elimination techniques? Like for example information technology is a perfect topic where tricky questions can come from.

6.Open Q&A session with Parth sir

Webinar Details

We are inviting all serious aspirants to grab this FREE opportunity to learn the tricks that toppers use to score higher than everyone else. 

There are limited slots available so we request you to enroll now!

Date: 1st February, 2022

Time: 7:00 P.M.

About Parth Sir

Our Civilsdaily Mentor, Mr Parth has been mentoring students since 2017. He has an admirable experience of attending UPSC-CSE interview two times. Parth sir has always scored 400+ in all the 4 GS Mains Subjects. The secret of success according to him is consistency and time-management.

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