[Update #2] What are you doing for your Optionals’ Preparation?

Update #2

500+ users have filled up their queries in the google form and here are the results – click here to read. We see most of the responses coming from Pol Science, Geography. what we want from few of the veterans is to write to us at hello@civilsdaily.com and let us know if you can come forward and maintain a daily optional thread. It would be completely moderated by you and you will set the tone.

Hello everyone,

The Target Mains initiative is coming out to be really well and it looks like some more older players of this forum are coming back from hibernation and joining the new brigade in answer writing.

Just to repeat, everything on Answer writing @Target Mains is tagged on this – Target Mains

The September Issue of CivilsDigest is under process and for now, we have collated the first 15 days of Questions with their DNA Framework to get you a ready repository. Should be out by the end of this week.

NOTE: The Flagship and Advanced Students will get the magazine on their portal for FREE.

Coming to the other important point. Help us formulate an optional strategy with Civilsdaily by answering a few questions: 

  1. – We want to understand the various optionals taken by the active users here
  2. – Depending upon the level of maturity, we can form dedicated optional groups and possibly look out for mentors to help you in the same
  3. – If the optional has a good population of experienced users (those who have written mains earlier), we will go right ahead and form a group here itself
  4. Please fill this open google form – results will be available for everyone to read (public) after you have filled it. We are not asking for any private information (so, chill)

This is the link to to the google docClick here to fill 4 questions

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