What back to back IAS prelims failures taught this IIT B graduate? || Pranav, AIR 65, UPSC 2020 || UNHERD: Civilsdaily’s Topper series || Link inside

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Pranav, a name until now very common is now different. Little did he know that on 25th September evening, he will be set free. Free from years of academic hard work, mentally strenuous sessions and sacrifices. Now he is delighted. He’s IIT Bombay mechanical engineer graduate. And yet he failed 2 prelims. Most folks will move on after 2 failures. Waiting for the 3rd is just too painful. But he remained hooked to the goal he had envisioned. Perhaps he now knows that life has offered him a vantage wherefrom he can reflect and design for what he wants to do. He is now the Republic of India’s collector. The famous position most of us started out aiming for. The search for an ultimate job ends, at least for now.

Upon talking to him, he was visibly calm and composed. For a greater part that’s because of what a person learns in the process of becoming an IAS officer. Within a short while, he will be busy working through some of the most complex problems of Indian society. We might hear about his enterprises on tv or social media. Being an IAS officer, he would have such great opportunities at his disposal, with which he could bring the much-needed change to the lives of common wo/man.

We, at Civilsdaily IAS family, are equally thrilled and overjoyed. We wish Pranav Vijayvergiya, all the very best. This turn around which he has experienced in his life, may he reflect upon the society.

During his earlier stints with Civil services in 2018 and 2019, he couldn’t manage to step past the prelims. For which he blamed his constant nagging for the “know it all” attitude, which was unnecessarily creating an added pressure and compromised his performances. Trust us as eyewitnesses, when in 2020, he decided that he will believe in his hard work and keep his nerves till the very last minute.

Guys, let’s hear more from Pranav himself and try to learn what a common aspirant learns in this quest to cross the threshold.

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Heartiest congratulations to Pranav Vijayvergiya
AIR 65
UPSC Civil Services 2020

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