Starting Today @ 3P.M|| How Mains Answer Writing with Guidance Helps you become Competitive for UPSC-CSE?|| Ask me Anything Session with Nilesh Gaikwad IPS|| Limited Slots, Fill the Form Now

Nilesh Gaikwad has a come a long way, just like his UPSC preparation.

He started in the year 2015 and fulfilled his dream in 2020. This however does not mean he is not academically inclined. Nilesh cleared the tough IIT-JEE examinations in his first attempt and graduated from IIT Bombay. After working for a year at a private firm, Nilesh quit to follow his UPSC-CSE dream. Why did he want to prepare for UPSC-CSE just when he had achieved the ‘middle-class’ settled life?

As a college student, Nilesh was never interested in UPSC-CSE. However, as an employee in an IT firm, Nilesh looked upto his boss. He wondered what motivated his boss to wake up everyday and navigate through the rigors of work. He understood that his boss had found the purpose of his life in his job.

That’s when Nilesh realized he was unable to fulfill his purpose or express his passion in a private job. “Owning a car, buying fancy gadgets and earning in lakhs — this did not drive me. Unfortunately, a private job just gives you that and nothing more.”, Nilesh said. Hailing from a small town, Nilesh wanted to go back to roots and do something for many such small towns in India. After a quick research, the idea of UPSC-CSE struck him.

He left his fulltime job to prepare for UPSC-CSE and gave nearly 4 attempts. In his 3rd attempt, he got selected for Indian Defence Accounts Service post. While undergoing training, Nilesh prepared once again under the guidance of Civilsdaily mentor Pravin Sir and finally became an IPS Officer.

Open to All, Free to Attend Ask me Anything Session with Nilesh Gaikwad

This Sunday, Nilesh will be enlightening all Civilsdaily aspirants in an Ask me Anything Webinar. This webinar is absolutely free for all to attend and everyone can air their questions to Nilesh Gaikwad IPS.

But since there is only a limited slot of one hour, invitation for the webinar is by registration only. Confirm your presence by filling the form below.

Key Takeaways of the Webinar

1. How to develop perseverance and self-confidence while preparing for UPSC CSE?

2. How to work on weaknesses and overcome them?

3. The right approach for Mains.

4. What to study in last 25 days for Mains 2021?

5. How to score good marks in the Personality Test (Interview)

6. Tips for beginners.

7. Importance of ‘right guidance with right direction’ to sail through the exam.

Webinar Details

If you are studying hard but are unsure that you are studying right, then its time to get some assurance from the topper himself! Register for this free webinar by IPS officer Nilesh Gaikwad.

Date: 12 December 2021 (Sunday)

Time: 3 P.M

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