Sayali Mhetre, UPSC ranker & CivilsDaily’s Mentorship student – Performance in UPSC Mains decides your success, CD mentorship helped me improve my score

Sayali Mhetre secured an AIR 398 in UPSC 2021. A student of our Mentorship programs she was mentored by Sajal sir and Sukanya ma’am.

Sayali believes UPSC Mains is the stage that matters in your success. It is your performance in the Mains exam hall that will decide your name in the list. Other than this “ need clarity of vision”, says Sayali, to keep yourself determined to your goal.

It is yet another validation of CivilsDaily’s vision and approach to personalized mentorship.

In a candid conversation with us, Sayali shared her journey, hardships, lessons learned, and her secret of what kept her going.

About Sayali Mhetre

Sayali hails from Maharashtra and is an engineering graduate. Sayali took multiple attempts to crack UPSC and secure an AIR 398 in UPSC 2021. This was her third attempt. Sayali’s optional was Marathi Literature.

She is into reading and loves Marathi novels. She also lists maintaining a gratitude journal in her hobby list.

Sayali has really made us proud and we wish her all the very best. She is going to be a great administrator and an inspiration to millions.

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Sayali was one of 200 rankers from CivilsDaily’s mentorship programs.

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