Why the success rate in UPSC CSE is only 0.2%?

Dear aspirants, 

We have spoken with over 3,000 UPSC aspirants personally and realised a shocking fact! We found out that only 2 in every 50 students who studied without the help of a dedicated mentor were able to qualify for Mains. BUT 40 out of every 50 aspirants who studied with a mentor qualified for UPSC Mains. The students who DID NOT get the guidance of a dedicated mentor found the following 4 problems:

  1. Difficulty to cope with the syllabus
  2. Poor guidance
  3. Poor time management 
  4. Ineffective answering techniques

Fact: Successful UPSC aspirants don’t fight the syllabus, they learn how to tackle the 4 problems mentioned above.

Here are 3 examples of common mistakes that most aspirants make and how mentors help them:

  1. Trying to read each and everything – Most aspirants spend a lot of time reading each and everything in the newspaper, in the books they buy, and the study material they get. This happens because no one tells them what to study and what not to study. This practice makes the syllabus even more vast and difficult to cope with. But if you know how to avoid reading unimportant things or if you receive good guidance, coping with the syllabus becomes extremely easy.
  2. Following Topper’s advice blindly – Most UPSC aspirants watch videos and read a lot about what the toppers did and follow it blindly. They forget that – every student learns at a different pace and through different techniques. The students at Civilsdaily have a dedicated mentor who understands your learning pace and guides you at your pace. This personal guidance makes learning easier and improves their consistency.
  3. Poor answer-writing practice – If you practice answer-writing in the correct way you can improve your accuracy, your speed, your recalling capacity, and your revision time. Most students, however, write answers without a direction. They practice answers blindly. But if you have a mentor who assesses your answers, corrects your mistakes, and gives you a direction, your scoring ability improves immediately.

In fact, there are 20 more common mistakes that most students make and fail to qualify. These mistakes can be corrected with the right guidance as a mentor knows how to identify these mistakes and correct them.

So, if you are an aspirant who wants to avoid these mistakes from the start or correct them now, just get in touch with our mentors using the form below and our senior mentors will get in touch with you immediately. 

Do not wait! Every moment you spend in the wrong direction takes you away from your goal.

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