Why you should prepare for UP PCS 2021 exam along with UPSC? | Join free UP PCS Habitat Club by Parth sir

The dynamics within and outside UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) are changing drastically. Seats are getting fewer gradually every year while the exam itself is becoming unpredictable. In that case, it’s not prudent to put all your eggs in one basket.

Each aspirant has his/her own backup option while preparing for UPSC, be it Asst Commandant CAPF or RBI Grade B Officer or SSC or various State PCS Examinations. In current times, Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission’s Combined State / Upper Subordinate Services (PCS) Examination, and Assistant Conservator of Forest (A.C.F.) Examination has become the best backup option for anyone preparing for UPSC CSE.

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Why UPPSC is a good back up option for UPSC aspirants:

  1. In fact it is better than various posts in UPSC examination. Here you get executing powers for various schemes and are a real bridge between government and citizens. 
  2. The remuneration is decent and perks are better than various Central government positions.
  3. The work profile is dynamic and the state is the largest in terms of populations. So the opportunity is quite good. You serve from Ghaziabad to Gorakhpur and Saharanpur to Jhansi.
  4. There is no domicile limit as of now in terms of limiting outsiders and two of the three toppers of the last exam cycle were not from Uttar Pradesh.
  5. Promotion avenues have become decent in recent years and generally in 18-19 years you are getting a DPC for IAS and IPS.
  6. In recent years the exam cycle has improved a lot and the results are coming fast. Litigations are far and few these days and the process is streamlined.
  7. The overall exam cycle is now aligned with that of the UPSC CSE cycle since last couple of years. 
  8. UPPCS serves as a good mock practice for UPSC Prelims and Mains examination like CAPF used to be a couple of years ago because of the new exam cycle.

Myths breaker regarding UPPSC:

  1. Is it easy? Of course not. Nothing of this sort is easy. Just because something is a backup option doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. But it’s not as difficult as made by various people. It is like any other civil services examination where you have to give your 100 percent and align your hard work with smart study.
  2. Hindi medium vs English medium debate: The content is no doubt skewed in the favour of Hindi medium students, at least in prelims. But that doesnt mean English medium has some disadvantages. The overall selection ratio is finely balanced between both mediums. In fact CivilsDaily is trying to bridge the gap with its interventions through upcoming Habitat discussions and other programs.
  3. Pre vs Mains Separate preparation: That approach is not going to work now. And in any case, in fact even in the old pattern, it never benefited many students. You need to have a good backing of mains as well as pre preparation to crack the exam. Hence the same integrated approach of UPSC is needed.
  4. Unknown sources in prelims: That is overblown. The same is true for UPSC as well where UPSC asks 10-15 questions which are quite tough and you don’t know the sources. But no one attempts 100 percent and the same goes for UPPSC prelims as well. Out of 150 questions, there will be 15-20 questions which will be tough and you don’t need to panic over them. 
  5. The exam scheme is the same and the syllabus is almost the same with some UP elements. The mains pattern is based totally on the UPSC pattern with some minute differences.

Basic differences wrt UPSC preparation

The exam pattern is a little different. Prelims has 150 questions in GS paper while mains examination has 1500 marks weightage. Hindi is compulsory and its marks are counted in the mains examination unlike UPSC CSM.

Not everyone is eligible for all posts. For example there are certain posts for certain education qualifications only like APO and Sub Registrar can be only from law background, Assistant Labour Commissioner needs degree in commerce or BA Hons Economy or Sociology etc.

Ending it with some general piece of advice:

  1. Keep your UPSC preparation as it is and do not veer away. Follow the routine and gradually increase the time period every day.
  2. Collaborative learning from Habitat where Parth Sir will cover Current Affairs, Factual Part of Static Topics, UP Related stuff. We want only one hour of yours.
  3. Start tests by the end of March and follow the Study Test Analyse and Revise routine. Answer writing should be kept on till mid March.
  4. For newcomers, try to finish your first and 2nd readings by the end of March and create a base.
  5. For UPSC people, while preparing for UPSC prelims, do look out for some minute facts in the same news. It doesn’t need to come from some other source.

In the end, remember that if your plan is not working then adjust your plan; but never give up. Therefore, with just a few tweaks, you can have a good career option in UPPCS and a perfect backup plan with respect to your UPSC CSE strategy.

So what are you waiting for? Meet us at Habitat!

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