Wordsmith: Learn answer writing in 21 days|Join Habitat club by Radhika Didwania

Practice answer writing. This is one of the most important commandments for any UPSC aspirant. Most of the UPSC gurus and prophets don’t shed much light on things like how to do it, when to start, how much to write, etc.

Answer writing is a perplexing enigma for UPSC beginners and to help solve it Radhika Didwania has started the Wordsmith club.


What is the Wordsmith club?

It’s 21 days long mains answer writing program for UPSC CSE. Here you will learn the tricks to answer writing, analyzing previous year’s questions, and practicing the most relevant topics of the day with Radhika ma’am.

We’re going to work on model answers and value points to frame Mains ready answers.

Objectives of the program:

  • Analyzing previous year questions to form a basic understanding.
  • Focusing on GS1-GS2-GS3 most relevant topics of the day.
  • 360 degree coverage of the topics for Mains perspective.
  • Content enrichment through daily feedback by the mentor.

Program inclusion:

  • Exclusive Habitat club membership.
  • 6 days a week Habitat session (8 pm-10 pm)
  • Detailed analysis and discussion of topics as per syllabus.
  • At least 3 daily topics to practice writing from Current affairs.
  • Evaluation and daily feedback to improve upon the art of writing.
  • Model answers.
  • Personalized mentorship>

Other details:

  • Duration: 21 Days (6 days a week)
  • Course fee: Rs 1500 + GST = Rs 1770

How Habitat sessions will take place?

Habitat is a chat-based innovative platform. It brings together experienced mentors, focussed peers, in-service officers, and teachers all under one roof.

You’re going to learn, discuss, engage and collaborate in a manner you never did before.

Primarily discussions are going to be in the form of text, audio or video message.

How to join?

Click on the link provided below. You will be directed to the Habitat page. Enroll there and you will be redirected to the club. 

Tag ma’am using @ before Radhika_Didwania and introduce yourself.

For any queries or issues that you are facing email at hello@habitat.club

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