[Working Junta Webinar] 7 Hours/Week Current Affairs Strategy for Working Professionals

Learn the effective current affairs strategy used by AIR 2 Animesh Pradhan (UPSC 2023) of preparing for UPSC as a working professional

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You are a Working Professional. You decided to give the UPSC 2025 Attempt . You got a subscription of The Hindu & Indian Express both – pledging you will complete this daily and make notes.

But it’s Monday today – you start with pressure of work, managing project deadlines, attending meetings, client work – PHEW!

By the time you reach home, you are already drained, leaving you NO time to go through the newspaper. 

As a working professional, managing a job with UPSC Preparation can be a tough race against time. It is difficult to even cover the syllabus, let alone managing current affairs. You still somehow manage to cover some part of the news. But then, issue of Current Affairs becomes very specific

1. Despite having tried to read Current Affairs, you are still missing out on important news.

2. You don’t know how to INTERLINK Current Affairs topics with the Static Portion.

3. Some Editorials seem too complex for you to understand and grasp.

Till the end of the month, you don’t remember what you read in the first week of the same month – ZERO DISPLACEMENT, NO RECALL.

The enthusiasm slowly withers away, and your pledge to give the exam in 2025, changes to 2026, 2027, 2028…

When Animesh (Rank 2, 2023 – Our Student of UAP Mentorship) started giving his tests with us, his Static Portions weren’t very clear. Despite that, just out of going through our Samachar Manthan religiously, he was able to write answers on Static topics.

His journey was, however, not smooth. Look at his 1st Answer Copy which he wrote with us:

Animesh had enough content to write an answer for this question – because he was religious with our Samachar Manthan. But he wasn’t addressing the demand of the question.

Now look at the 50th Test Copy that he wrote:

Not only was he fulfilling the demand of the question, he was effectively using subheadings (dimensions) and examples through value-addition he could gather from Samachar Manthan.

Needless to say, this helped him secure one of the highest GS Marks this year, with 100+ Marks in all 3 papers!

We claim this – as a Working Professional, if you are not able to cope up with Newspaper, LEAVE IT. We will cover it for you. If you are a working professional, we will tell you the EXACT WAY to handle Current Affairs in 7 Hours of your Week (Specific Details – No Nonsense Strategy)

Join us in our Webinar, where we will discuss HOW we need to craft a process in 7 Hours/Week for Current Affairs as a working professional!

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Key outcomes of the Webinar

1. After attending the webinar, you’ll know exactly how to cover CA in limited time and with a fixed source

2. Will understand the METHOD used to understand complex Editorials

3. You’ll Master time management, especially your UPSC Study Plan (Target-based Current Affairs Coverage)

Registration is FREE but MANDATORY!

Attend this Webinar if

  1. If you are Working Professional & have given up hopes on covering newspapers
  2. If you are desperate to add that Current Affair Example in your Static Questions Answer.
  3. If you are still trying to wrap your heads around patterns, syllabus, and expectations of UPSC with respect to Current Affairs.

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