[Working Junta Webinar] FINAL NOTES – Pre+Mains (Integrated) Notes Making Strategy for Working Professionals

Learn the effective Notes Making strategy as a working professional + FREE Handwritten Notes of Animesh (AIR 2) from Diksha Ma’am (Mentor of Anjana, AIR 134, UAP Student)

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You are a Working Professional. You decided to give the UPSC 2025 Attempt . So you visited your local Book Market, and got hold of all recommendations by toppers – NCERTs, Lakshmikant, Ramesh Singh, Value Added Material.

You take a pledge that you will make the PERFECT NOTES in one go – and you will do that specifically for Mains – a Topper in one of his Sessions on YouTube said he only made notes for Mains!

You took 7 days to make Notes for Internal Security – and aren’t they awesome? You can literally see those colorful pens being used for different headings.

But wait – why are these 150 pages big? Doesn’t the book that you got from the market have similar number of pages?

Going deeper, you realize major issues:

  1. Your Notes – While too NEAT, sound merely language with Zero specific key terms.
  2. You have used big paragraphs to write about something non-specific (Well, you at least know the History of Left-Wing Extremism – isn’t it relevant for the exam??)
  3. There are no PYQs. Which Syllabus topics are we covering? We are missing this as well. We also don’t know the recurring themes that need to be highlighted.
  4. UPSC recently asked a question related to S-400 helicopters – will we be able to answer the question using our notes?

Till the end of the month, you are left with a replica of your two books – one is 150 pages, and the other is 300 pages of Post-Independence alone. You can’t link it to current affairs or PYQs.

The enthusiasm slowly withers away, and your pledge to give the exam in 2025, changes to 2026, 2027, 2028…

When one of our students did the same, we realized what an urgent need this is. This is how the notes looked like initially:

Unclear. Strain to eyes. Non-readable with ZERO Value Add. They are literal copy-paste of books.

This is what we turned his notes into. PRECISE. VALUE-ADDED. EXAMPLES RICH. BULLETS.

Focus on MAPS, Acronyms, Real Life Strategies used by Bureaucrats.

Don’t worry – it’s not your fault that you don’t know this.

Even the best people struggle with this initially. This is because, since school and then in college, this is what we have been taught.

Reaching a LEVEL where this can be achieved takes a minimum of 3 iterations and a timely MENTOR intervention.

As a Working Professional, if you are not able to cope up with Notes Making, LEAVE YOUR FEARS OUT. We will help you understand the methodology. You need a framework, and a rank worthy mentor to help you do that.

Diksha Sharma – 2 Interviews, Multiple Mains, Mentor of 50+ Rankers including AIR 134 Anjna Dahiya this year, is coming with a Webinar addressing the issue of Note Making, especially for the Working Professionals.

Join us in our Webinar, where we will discuss an EFFECTIVE Integrated Notes Making Strategy for Working Junta.

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Key outcomes of the Webinar

A. Prerequisites of Effective Note-Making:

  1. Suit Yourself: Your notes are for you, so they can be as rough or as neat as you prefer.
  2. Be Precise but Comprehensive: Utilize short forms, bullet points, flowcharts, and diagrams to make your notes succinct yet detailed.
  3. Keep Syllabus and PYQs in Mind: Always refer to the syllabus and previous years’ questions while making notes
  4. Combine Prelims and Mains Preparation: Try to create notes that are useful for both prelims and mains.
  5. Dynamic Notes: Continuously add value to your notes with new information.

B. Topic Deep Dive: Globalization

  1. We’ll take the topic of Globalization and demonstrate how to approach it from scratch.
  2. Learn how to break down complex topics into manageable notes.
  3. Discover techniques to make your notes relevant for both preliminary and main exams.

Why Attend?

  1. Tailored for Working Professionals: Our strategies are designed to fit into your hectic schedule.
  2. Mentor Guidance: Get tips from experienced civil services mentors.
  3. Interactive Session: Ask questions and get real-time answers to your queries.

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