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This post derives its meaning from this *Call to Action* post – 3 Ways to Help Civilsdaily Grow.

If you wish to write with us, take this as a litmus test for us to know you better.

CD Explains aspires to be the “Current Affairs for Dummies” and while we are at it, we are expected to remove facts from fluff and present crisp, approachable bites.


But let’s put some method to this madness.

  1. We will float ~10 topics which will appear in the CD Hub under the CD Discuss mugshot.
  2. The topics will be selected from news-themes and not necessarily static newsbytes. This helps in framing a better explainer and giving a holistic view.
  3. You are expected to come up with various sub-themes and write a paragraph/ ~300 words on possible questions/ facets which can be explored by UPSC.

Let’s take an example, shall we?

We want to talk about Oil Politics in West Asia and India’s Foreign Policy. 

Possible angles to explore this –

  1. Rise of ISIS militants + economics of the oil resources of Persian Gulf
  2. Politics of American interests in Middle East
  3. Unprecedented popular upsurge against the establishments of the Arab countries (~Arab Spring)
  4. India is heavily dependent on energy supplies from the Gulf region. By how much? What are we doing to hedge our risks.

… and so on.

There is bound to be some chaos. We are moving away from the traditional model of question-answers which you have been habituated to. But trust us, this will help you explore the topic like never before.

You will digress and bring in much more angles to the central theme, but everything will tie up in the end and you will embrace a larger picture to tackle any question in this theme. 


  1. We will study the discussions and summarise them into easy explainers.
  2. Close to your exams, these explainers would be compiled and shipped free of cost to all those who participate in the discussions.

So, let’s start with the first discussion right here, right now – Oil Politics in West Asia and India’s Foreign Policy. 


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