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Dear Aspirants,

We know that you are putting in the hard work to become an IAS officer, and we know that you can definitely make it! And we are here to help you make that dream come true for absolutely FREE!

Join the most dedicated community of UPSC aspirants and engage on every topic. Learn from experienced mentors and take away the most important materials to read. Everything you need in one place!

What you need to do:

What you need to do:

  1. Join the FREE sessions at Habitat by clicking here.
  2. In the Geenral club, you will find students and mentors discussing different topics.
  3. Browse through the conversations.
  4. Read the discussions that have already happened.

And then,

  1. Engage with the group.
  2. Feel completely free to express yourself.
  3. Speak about the issues you are facing.
  4. Talk to the mentors.
  5. Participate with your peers who are in the same boat as you!


There’s no obstacle to a conversation. Be a part of the most driven group and actively engage in discussion. It’s a perfectly safe place for you to be yourself!

Come on board now! 

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