Is your fear of failure is stopping you from cracking the UPSC exam? | Learn how to fight your fears and you will succeed!

I feel scared because I am not able to complete my syllabus!

I am afraid that even with all my efforts, I will fail the exam.

What will happen if I can’t manage my time well?

I don’t know how to plan my studies and I am afraid I will fail!

I feel anxious because there is so much to study but so little time!

Do these thoughts come to your mind often? We have spoken to over 8,000 UPSC aspirants in the last 3 years and most of them said that they were extremely scared of failing! This fear of failure becomes so dominant that they become nervous, anxious, and cannot concentrate on their studies. And this might be true for you too!

Remember: Fear of failure is just in your mind. You can learn how to remove it and YOU CAN remove it!

This is what most of the students said when we talked about their fear of failure:

  1. High competition – Over 10 lakh aspirants prepare for the exam but there are less than 1000 vacancies. Yes, it’s true that the competition is tough but this should not make you scared. Why? Because this exam is more about strategy and handwork than talent. If you have the right strategy and the right guidance, there is no force in the world that can stop you from succeeding!
  2. Vast syllabus – Coping with the syllabus is the scariest thing for the aspirants. There’s just too much to study, isn’t there? But the fact is that the you DON’T have to read everything! It is important that first you learn what to study and what not to study. This reduces your syllabus load by more than 30%. The moment you do this, you already have an advantage over other candidates. You get more time to study less and revise more.
  3. Competing with the top talents – Most aspirants fear that they are competing with IITians, people from IIM, doctors, etc. They fear that they do not have the talent to succeed. But if you analyse the syllabus, read only the most focused study material, and remain consistent, you have every opportunity to crack this exam. Remember, a good plan with execution is the key to success.
  4. Financial pressure – A large number of students feel overwhelmed by the financial pressure. The study materials are expensive, the coaching institutes charge a lot, they have to manage living in different cities to study, etc. But, what if you had a dedicated mentor who provided you only the most important study material and coached you throughout the year? All you need is one mentor who knows how to guide you and fixed study material. Your financial burden will reduce drastically after that.
  5. Time management for working professionals – Working professionals often do not find sufficient time to study. The work pressure, office timings, and other responsibilities often keep them busy. With so little time, they often feel scared that they won’t be able to complete the syllabus. But, this is not something you should be scared of. You just need 3 things: A fixed study plan based on your schedule, a fixed study material that you can revise often, and a guide who keeps you motivated and on track. With just a little help, you can overcome this problem easily.

Every fear you have can be solved. Everything that scares you can be handled. And everything that makes you anxious can be resolved. YOU CAN LEARN to fight your fears and if you feel that you need help and guidance you can speak with our mentors anytime. 

Do not be afraid, don’t fear failing, our mentors can talk to you and teach you how to manage your anxiety. For practical solutions, just fill this form and our mentors will get in touch with you to help you FIGHT your FEAR so that you can become an IAS officer.

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