Issues related to Planning in India

Economic planning has been a central belief of India’s development strategy since independence. Since the time of independence, India has successfully followed the path of planned development. Understanding How Planning … more

Mobilization of Resources

Planning Commission NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) Mobilization of Resources: National Development Council; Finance Commission; States Finance Commission

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission The Planning Commission was set up on the 15th of March 1950, through a cabinet resolution. Planning Commission had evolved over time from developing a highly centralised planning … more

Railway Sector in India

Indian Railways Indian Railways (IR) have been the prime movers to the nation and have the distinction of being the second largest railway system in the world under single management. … more

Energy and Power Sector

Executive Summary   India’s Power Sector: Evolution     World’s Leading Electricity Producer’s   Sources of Power in India’s Installed Capacity Energy Security in India: Recent Developments   By Himanshu … more

Port sector in India

Ports in India A common characteristic of the fast-growing East and South East Asian countries has been the rapid growth of trade during their high growth period. A higher share … more

Telecommunication Sector in India

Telecommunication Sector The substantial progress made in telecommunications since the early 1990s is a success story. The number of telephone lines has grown by 25-30 per cent each year throughout … more

Recent Initiatives by the Railways

Announcement Made in Railway Budget Dedicated Freight Corridor   DFC Objectives   Dedicated Freight Corridor: Projections   Modernisation of Railways   Policy Support by the Government   Automobile Freight Train … more

Civil Aviation Sector in India

Civil Aviation Sector in India In India, a beginning in the air transport was made in the year 1920, when the government first decided to prepare air routes between Mumbai … more

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