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  • October 15 – October 22, 2017

    Tests Live @ CD 

    Prelims TS [Join Anytime]:

    • 20 October: TS 08 CA – August’17 L2 Flagship Prelims Batch 2: Attempt here


    Mains TS:

    • 15 October: Target Mains Weekly Answer Writing Test- Week 8: Attempt here
    • 17 October: Pub Ad TS for Mains 2017- Full Length Paper I & II: Attempt here

    New Content @ CD

    • Updated Mains Syllabus Content of Economics, Polity @ UPSC Mains Syllabus | The economics syllabus is curated and made UPSC specific by Himanshu Arora, Ph.D. Candidate from JNU
    • 60 Important Case Studies of Ethics from Pooja Chaudhary and Pritam Kumar with critical inputs from Dr. Vipin Garg, IAS



    • QIP Geography videos by K Siddhartha sir- Open Access: Click2watch

    Other Initiatives

    UPSC Calendar/Announcements

    • Forms for Engineering Services Exam 2018 released on 27th September | Last date to fill form 23 October

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  •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

    Dear Roots, Kindly resume the Pub Ad daily answer writing sessions with Adarsh Sir. Please start, it was a great learning. Thanks

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