[Open Access] QIP videos for Geography Optional

We had run a special programme for Geography optional students known as Quality Improvement Programme under the aegis of K Siddhartha sir.

Many students benefited from the program and have made their preparation more robust through these special sessions.

CD is now opening up this initiative in order to benefit students who are writing Mains 2017 with Geography Optional.

Videos are available below for watching.

  1. IAS Mains Answer Writing 1: What Constitutes a Good Answer

2. IAS Mains Answer Writing 2: Directives to Question & Tail Word Meaning

3. IAS Mains Answer Writing 3: Answering Tricky Questions of Geography

Part 1

Part 2

4. IAS Mains Answer Writing 4: Perspectives in Geography

5. IAS Mains Answer Writing 5: Questions of Unknown Origin in Geography

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